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What To Do With Unwanted Clothes?

Before you throw your clothes in the trash, think if it is worth it. Clothes break down long time, which catastrophically affects the environment. Depending on what you have in your wardrobe you can donate unwanted clothes and help those in need or earn money. The voice is yours. Below are some ideas what you can do with your unwanted clothes.

Give Clothes to Those In Need

There are many organizations that will gladly accept undamaged clothes. You can give them to foundation or give them personally, e.g. to an orphanage or to a single mother’s home. You can always find special containers for used clothes in your neighborhood. They are always open and you can quickly get rid of a large amount of unwanted clothes. Every piece of your wardrobe matters. What will not be reusable will be sent for processing into industrial cleaning.


What is SWAP? This is an event organized to exchange clothes. Find information if there are SWAPs organized in your city, where you can meet others, give away old clothes and exchange them for new ones! If there is no information about this type of event, you can always organize it for yourself and your friends!

Sell Through Websites

The Internet gives us unlimited possibilities. Take photos and place offers on the website. Thanks to this you can gain a lot of extra wardrobe space, and even … money for whatever you want! You can also take your unwanted clothes to a second hand and try to sell them there.

We hope that now you will no longer have problems what to do with your unwanted clothes!

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