write for us

We welcome individual bloggers to contribute high-quality content to Bamboodu webpage. Here are a few examples of the subjects we’d love to read about:

  • low-waste food/beauty/cleaning recipes
  • minimalist living
  • eco-friendly hacks & tips

By writing for Bamboodu you get to:

    • Support positive change
    • Connect with a global audience
    • Share your unique voice and messages

There’s no commitment – whether you want to write for us regularly or just submit a one off guest post, and we can link to your own blog or social media on your posts.

Our requirements

Posts must be unique and original.

Posts must not have been published or submitted elsewhere online or offline.

Word Count – Please submit articles of at least 600 words.

Short Paragraphs – please keep paragraphs short and succinct (2-3 sentences each).

If you’d like to be involved get in touch and let us know why you’d love to be involved and, if possible, provide some examples of your work.