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How to be Eco-Friendly with Kids

Do you want to teach your children how to be conscious about the environment? Like every other good habit, the best way to teach your kids how to live eco-friendly is to be a role model yourself. Show your kids that you care about our planet and they will do the same.

Sometimes parents forget about including their children in eco-friendly actions, so it is very important to start educating kids on how to protect the environment from the very beginning. While brushing their teeth, bath or washing hands, teach them about the importance of saving water and how to reuse it (i.e. to water plants). Kids will get responsible for saving energy very quickly. Just show them that the lights do not need to be turn off during the daytime or when they are not in their room.

Do not forget about reducing waste and recycling. Get your kids reusable water bottle and food container they will take to school. A few simple steps will help kids to understand that recycling gives a „new life” to things that are no longer usable. And kids love to create new things!

Kids love to spend time outside on playing, going for walks, ride bike and many others. Instead of watching the nature on TV show them how plants look in real life. Take them for a walk to a park, so they will know the value of using their own feet and it is good for health of everyone.

These are only a few examples how to be eco-friendly with kids. By following the rules of being conscious about the environment children will become not only eco-friendly people when they be adult but respecting and caring about the environment about them will teach them how to be smarter.

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