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An Interview with a Company Director of DNS Create- Eugenia Zhenya Bulah


Eugenia Zhenya Bulah is a Budapest based Moscow girl with passion for planet Earth. She is a director of a clean Siberian beauty brand, and she works as a creative director for her own company DNS Create. She finished a fashion school years ago and worked as a stylist for Hungarian brands and magazines. She launched her fashion blog in 2007 and since then transformed it to her passion for sustainable living.  

My readers want to learn more from you, can you pls tell us about your website?

The topic of sustainable and eco friendly living has been around for a while, but is still pretty new. I try to progressively take care of being a conscious consumer, study about the subject and share the findings on my blog with my readers. I feel helping out our mother Earth in any way possible is a great deed and I am sure she is thankful to any efforts made. We are all in the same boat in this situation, and need to act accordingly. We can discuss many topics, but there is nothing more important than the future we are providing for ourselves and the forthcoming generations.

What motivated you to start your blog?

In 2007 I got a pair of Nike AirMax sneakers and I really wanted to share the great news and show the internet world what I got. I went on Blogger and made my first post. I was probably the first person to do a fashion blog in Hungary. Two years later I started my studies at a fashion school and the subject of shopping was the start of this beautiful friendship with writing.

What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

A couple of years ago I started to feel very uncomfortable about writing about fashion, supporting consuming and shopping on my blog. I felt that it is an empty topic, but it made me realise that I feel this way because I am changing and improving. It took me some time after that to move past the issue and reform the blog to the topics that resonates with me. That is the subject of sustainability in fashion, beauty and living an eco lifestyle.

Who inspires you? What about them impressed you?

I never had icons like many people do. Inspiration is still partially a copy. After a lot of traveling and meeting some of the most incredible human beings who share my views in life I noticed that true, real and free people affect me the most. I think leaving every day anxiety behind, and opening up to the world and becoming independent, resetting ourselves is the most amazing thing we can do.

Any advice to anyone that wants to start a blog?

When you see a good, interesting blog it is easy to become inspired and want to do something very similar since the formula works. Well, the best thing is to never do that. If you want to write, then write about subjects that you actually, truly love. They might change with time, as you grow and shape your personality, but it is your real true self speaking. Your real voice will be real and the audience will find you. 

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