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7 Brilliant Frugal Tips from Grandma

Our grandmothers were zero waste before it became trendy! Although grandmothers did not segregate garbage into five containers, they did not pack sandwiches in beeswax, nor did they brush their teeth with a bamboo brush, they were very aware of the environment. They could use almost anything and cook so that nothing was wasted. Below we present you 7 grandma’s patents for being zero waste.

Shopping Bag

Grandmother could knit or sew bags from an old shirt. Such bags were extremely durable and could bear even the heaviest purchases from the local market. But most importantly, they served for a long time.

Without Foil

Instead of a trash bag, Grandma lined up the refuse bin witha newspaper that absorbed moisture. Do not generate more trash despite the ones that are already in your bin.

Glass Jar

There are plenty of ways that you can use glass jars. They are super useful, readily available and extremely versatile. Grandmas were taking jars for a shopping, and she could also store food in them. Also, you can use glass jars as long as you want.

Cloths, wipes, towels

Find the best clothing recycling ideas. Grandmas always knew what to do with old clothes and how to use them again. Clothing can be used in ways other than wearing like, for example, cloths or towels for cleaning in the kitchen.

With Own Mug

On a journey or in a way to work – everywhere with a thermos or own mug. Even if disposable paper cups are still used, many cafes or bars allow customers to come with their own cups to which tea or coffee will be poured.


Something broke? Before you decide to throw this item in the trash, think about whether it can not be repaired. Darning, recovering and repairing paid off for grandma.

No Leftovers

Grandma was a master of culinary creation. Nothing was wasted at her kitchen, and she knew how to store leftovers. There are many great plastic-free options for storing leftovers that you can use later.

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