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Declutter Your Bedroom In Less Than A Day

Is it possible to declutter your bedroom in less than 24 hours? Yes – I’m living proof that it is! And yes, I DO understand where you are coming from – discouraged and bummed because of the mess your living quarters are in.
Walking into your bedroom and facing thrown clothing, trash, clutter and mess is energy draining and guilt-producing! Yet to declutter your bedroom can be accomplished in less than a day. So don’t put up with the mess any longer – it’s time to bring back that feeling of peace and relaxation that your bedroom was meant to provide!

To start, scan your room with a critical eye. Jot down what you see. What drives you crazy? Where does most of the clutter gather in your space? If it’s near the head of your bed, question exactly what you most want to have within reach while you’re resting in your bed.

What precisely is making this space look so cluttered? This analysis will help you not only to see the problems more clearly, but to clarify what you would most like to change about your space.
If you like to read before you close your eyes at night, I’m guessing you have books and/or magazines near your bed. And if you’re like me, you might be reading several books simultaneously!

If so, think about putting a small bookcase near your pillow. Of maybe even a hinged end table could serve as both a nightstand and bookshelf combination. Do you notice any trash in one particular area? Jot a note to remind yourself to get a trash basket that catches your eye next time you’re out shopping. Is your dirty laundry tossed on the floor?

A hamper put in that spot (or nearby) can solve that problem quickly. Is your clean clothing on your bed,instead of in your drawers or hanging in the closet? If you really don’t have adequate space to store what you really wear, you might opt for a freestanding closet or under-the-bed rolling storage bins to store seasonal items or shoes.

By the way, what is the view like under that bed? Under-the-bed storage containers might be just what you need for your seldom-used but still valuable items. Once you’ve decided what organizational bins would be useful, find or purchase them and go on to step 2.

Note: If you don’t want to interrupt your momentum, simply move on to the organizing and put your items in a temporary holding container until you buy what you need.
Your second task is to actually organize what you want in each space. Clear any furniture of anything sitting on top, and dust it. Now comes decision time: are you really going to read all of those books and magazine articles? Pull out what you’re really interested in, and put the rest in a giveaway bin.

Now onto the dressers. Choose one drawer and remove everything. Now only put back the clothing you both wear and love, and give the rest to the Salvation Army or other charity. Dividers of some type to keep your underwear, socks and other delicates separated can be a huge time saver.

Rapid decision making and an “I can do this” attitude will help you to clear your space in record time! And the benefits of organizing – derived from your action to declutter your bedroom will energize you for the rest of your week!

You deserve a welcoming and peaceful place to rest your body and soul at the close of each day. You’ll even notice that you’ll breathe easier when you have a room free of energy-sapping clutter. Spend just a few hours now to create the idyllic dream space you’ve always wanted – right there in your own bedroom. You really can de-clutter your bedroom in less than a day.

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