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Tips for Practicing Green Business

Green businesses tend to prioritize the planet over maximizing profits. In order to reduce their impact on the environment, eco-friendly businesses take action to lower their carbon footprint, reduce waste, and even create a positive impact. Given the climate crisis, finding ways to go green are more important than ever. 

Not only do companies have a responsibility to help mitigate the mounting problem of climate change and waste, but addressing environmental issues may also be good for business. More and more consumers are choosing to align themselves with and support companies that share their commitment to this issue, which is why doing right by the environment can also be good for the bottom line. 

A study by Accenture found that 62% of consumers are attracted to brands that are committed to improving the environment. The same study also found that 62% of consumers also want companies to stand up for the issues they are passionate about. It is clear that companies that hold themselves to a higher standard, and demonstrate their commitment to a cause, have the potential to create deeper, longer-lasting relationships with customers than businesses that do not.The visual below from ZenBusiness offers tips for practicing green business from working remotely to investing in reusable supplies. Check it out to learn how to go green at work.

How to Practice Green Business

How to Practice Green Business

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