Tips for Sustainable Eating Out

Tips for Sustainable Eating Out

Sustainable eating habits can be hard to maintain when you are eating out but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up going out with your friends. We have good news for you. Restaurants do not have to be wasteful when cooking on a large scale. Today we present you 4 tips to ensure that eating out can be as sustainable as preparing meals for yourself in your kitchen.

  • Choose a Good Restaurant

Being zero waste should not surprise anyone these days, so it is very possible that if you are living in a big city you will find zero waste restaurant in your neighborhood. Such restaurants try to generate as little waste as possible when preparing meals. Instead of shipping exotic fruits in from across the world the restaurants are sourced with ingredients from local producers. 

  •  Read the Menu

It really helpful when you know what is sustainable and what is not. Try to avoid to choose meat and fish, as its production requires many resources before they are shipped to the restaurant. More sustainable choose is going veggie. Fruits and vegetables are a very good choice in terms of sustainability especially when they are in season. 

  •  Drink Tap Water

Bottled water is very eco-unfriendly. Each year uncountable number of plastic bottles end up in the trash and are wasted without any chance to be recycled in the future. So during your next trip to a restaurant ask for tap water.

  • Ask for To-go Box

Do not be shy asking about to-go box in the restaurant. It is much more better when you will take the rest of the plate to eat later than to leave it just to be ended up in the trash. Taking your meal in a box can help cut down on food waste.

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