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How to Avoid Greenwashing

We take care of the Earth as much as we can. We also try to choose ecological products with environmentally friendly packaging. And what if someone would like to earn a dishonest profit on our eco thinking?

Greenwashing is based on the use of elements in advertisements which suggest that the product is environmentally friendly. And these products do not have much in common with caring for the environment. It’s a green lie.

People very quickly accept such arguments: since the leaf is drawn on the package, it means that it is an ecological product. Later it turns out that it was just a marketing trick. Manipulation, just to sell your product. And not everyone is interested in ecology. That is why reading and deepening knowledge of ecology is so important.

There are various methods that can work as part of greenwashing. For example, the company may emphasize that products do not contain specific hazardous ingredients when these substances are in fact banned and unused. Another example is probably the most popular: the packaging is made so that the product seems organic. When we read the ingredients it turns out completely different! Some companies even use fake eco-labels!

Can you find examples of greenwashing around you? Let us know!

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