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5 Ways You Can Avoid Food Waste

Wasting food is one of the biggest global problems today. Billions of tons of food land in landfills every year. However, throwing away food is not only harmful to the environment. Together with wasting food we waste also our money! In today’s post, we will share with you 5 ways you can avoid food waste.

  1. Reasonable Shopping With A List – Shopping with a list in hand is one of the first steps we can do not to waste food. To make sense of shopping with a list, it is worth preparing before going out to the shop. To do this correctly, we check the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. We write down on our list only what is ending or what is missing in our home pantry.
  2. Appropriate Food Storage– We store most vegetables and fruits in the fridge in the bottom drawer (we do not store exotic fruits such as mangoes, bananas, tomatoes and cucumbers!). Remember to wash and dry the products well before putting them in the fridge. In the fridge, we can easily put meat, eggs, dairy products and meals in tightly closed containers. Bread is best stored in a wooden haversack or in linen and paper bags.
  3. Cooking With Leftovers – It’s a brilliant way to kitchen experiments, which always comes with something good! Even if they are simple dishes, such as stale bread coated and fried in egg.
  4. Freezing – Freezing is considered the safest form of food storage. You can freeze almost anything, from vegetables, to meats and flour products.
  5. Making Homemade Preserves – Making homemade preserves, preserving, pickling, drying is a way primarily for seasonal vegetables and fruits. We can store them in the pantry or basement for even 2-3 years.

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