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How to Make Your Health and Fitness Routine More Eco-Friendly

Living a sustainable lifestyle is all about making small changes to your everyday life that will have a positive impact on the future of our planet. These changes can include eliminating your use of single-use plastic, buying products and goods made from recycled and sustainable materials and buying local food that’s sustainably farmed. 

But have you ever thought about greening your fitness routine? Whether exercising outdoors or working out at home, there are small changes you can make to your fitness regime that can impact both your health and the health of the environment. Here are a few ways you can start living an eco-friendly lifestyle and make an impact today. 

1. Exercise Outdoors 

Outdoor exercise can help reduce your carbon footprint because you are minimizing the use of energy-consuming equipment you’d be using in a gym. Aside from that, outdoor workouts are great for your mental health and can reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Because we’re exposed to the sunshine while outside, we’re able to get some much-needed Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps increase the level of serotonin in our brains which elevates our mood. 

Take advantage of outdoor spaces in your area like trails, parks and beaches to connect with mother nature and get a great workout in. 

2. Invest in Sustainable Activewear 

Investing in sustainable fashion can help reduce CO2 and other greenhouse emissions. According to the UN Environment Progamme, the fashion industry is responsible for producing two to eight perfect of global carbon emissions. In addition, over 20 percent of global wastewater comes from textile dyeing with textiles estimated to account for nine percent of annual microplastic losses to the ocean. 

Opting for sustainable shoes and clothing that are ethically made and designed with organic and recycled materials can help lower your environmental impact. You can also donate or repurpose your old or unused workout gear to prevent them from going into landfills that cause harm to the planet. 

3. Try Plogging 

Plogging is the act of jogging while picking up trash. What better way to celebrate Earth month than by exercising outside and cleaning up the environment. Grab a group of friends or start a monthly clean-up group monthly to pick up trash along beaches and trails. Make sure to practice safety by wearing comfortable shoes, protective clothing and gloves to prevent cuts when picking up glass and other litter. 

4. Start Meal Planning 

Did you know around 8 to 10 percent of global greenhouse emissions come from food that is produced but not consumed? This is why it’s so important to plan out your meals so nothing goes to waste. Make a grocery list, stick to it and plan out your meals to avoid excess waste. Use glass containers to store leftover food and avoid single-use plastic containers. 

Ready to celebrate Earth Month while creating a sustainable lifestyle? Check out the infographic guide below for more tips on how to green your health and fitness routine. 


Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash