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Delicious High Protein Food for Weight Loss

People who are about to start their weight loss journey should focus on the journey instead of the end goal. This journey consists of adopting the right diet, building a consistent weekly workout routine and replacing your bad habits with healthier ones. By adapting your diet to include more protein-rich food, you’ll support your weight loss and we’re here to help you learn how.

Protein-rich foods, where are you at?

One of the main reasons more than 1 billion people across the entire world are obese is a diet that is primarily based on ultra-processeded food. It comes as no surprise that changing your diet to one that is rich in protein and other essential macronutrients will have a positive effect on your weight loss. So, which protein-rich foods should you include in your diet and why?

Eggs in all their glory

One of the most versatile ingredients every person knows how to make is eggs. Eggs are an affordable source of protein, and vitamins like vitamin A, selenium and iron and they can keep you full for longer. This is because eggs can be easily paired up with fibre to keep you full longer and satiate your hunger more healthily. You can eat eggs for any meal of the day by simply changing the way you prepare them.


Greek yoghurt, plain yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese, and milk, can increase your daily protein intake significantly. The only catch with dairy products is to look for the percentage of fat since cheese can be high in fat. Greek yoghurt and cottage cheese might be the best choice especially if you want to go as high in protein as you can with your dairy choices. Cottage cheese can add up to 12 g of protein to your meal if you include it in your recipes.


Even though legumes naturally have a high percentage of carbs, they are also rich in protein. By adding peas, beans or lentils to your meal, you will increase protein intake and also ingest some healthy, unprocessed carbs. Legumes are easy to cook and they also infuse your diet with fibre, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.


Not only is meat the greatest source of protein, amino acids, vitamin b12, potassium and magnesium, but it’s also easy to prepare. Especially if you’re in a rush, but you have to get your amount of protein per meal, and you don’t want to stray away from your clean eating path. You can simply get your weekly order of meat at Sutcliffe Meats and grill it for ten minutes and your meal will be ready. As you grill meet, you can also boil some vegetables rich in fibre and add in a healthy source of carbs like quinoa, buckwheat, or rice. So, make sure to stock up on chicken breasts, turkey, pork and lean beef.

Fatty fish and seafood

Omega 3 oil is essential for vitality, and overall health and people of all ages need it. The best source of omega 3 is seafood and fatty fish and that’s why every person should eat seafood at least twice a week. Apart from this, seafood is also rich in protein and it’s also a way to keep yourself fuller for longer and avoid binge eating sessions during your weight loss journey.


Nuts in their crunchy form or turned into healthy butter can be a great addition to your protein-rich diet. One serving of peanuts, pistachios, almonds and cashews can be your healthy snack option for those long days at the office or in between meals. But, the key here is portion control because nuts are rich in fat. You can also eat peanut butter combined with apple slices if you want a refreshing and nutritive snack.

Whey protein

Why protein should be on your next shopping list because it’s an easy way to reach your daily protein goal. Simply put, if you didn’t manage to fulfil your daily amount of protein, so you’re short of 20g of protein, you can safely use whey protein to fulfil your daily protein intake. However, pay attention to labels, because not all whey proteins are low in sugar.

In conclusion – There’s more to protein-rich food besides losing weight

Apart from helping you lose weight, protein-rich food is also responsible for keeping your appetite at bay because you’ll feel fuller for longer. This is because our body releases hormones responsible for lowering blood sugar levels and it also reduces our appetite. Protein takes longer to digest which is the reason why you’ll feel full longer.

Next, it keeps your blood sugar at bay, so you won’t go on a binge, which you’ll probably regret later. If your blood sugar levels are stable, you won’t feel the urge to eat something extra, or something deliciously sweet and unhealthy.

Lastly, protein helps build muscle, aid recovery and aid fat burn. Because, if you have more muscle, you’ll burn more calories, thus burn more fat. So, make sure to eat your deliciously protein-rich meals and work on your fitness levels.