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The Beginner’s Guide to Eco-friendly Gifts

Are you looking for an eco-friendly gift that is not harmful to the earth? If you’re worried about the environment, it can be difficult for you to buy more things for Christmas. We’re getting
stuff we mostly don’t need which are also a synonym of mass consumption. By giving eco-friendly gifts we practice a conscious zero waste lifestyle. Of course, you can buy a single gift like for example a zero waste starter kit or a beautiful plant, but we consider instead of buying new items, to be more creative and think about environmentally friendly gifts that cost like nothing!

A basic starter kit would contain a to-go coffee cup and/or refillable water bottle,

cloth napkins, travel cutlery and wrap, reusable straws, and a lunchbox with snack pots.

The Ultimate Eco Friendly Kitchen Set- 16-Piece Zero Waste Bundle– Perfect Gift Set for Sustainable Living.

Leave all the electronics, turn off the phone and spend a nice time with your friends. Be creative! Check what items you don’t use anymore and give them new life. You can use old newspapers to make unique greeting cards or transform old clothes into a practical bag or shopping bag. Your only limit is your imagination!

Luxury paraffin-free candles brings the scent of a fresh bunch of flowers.

Gifts for Culture Lovers.  Memberships to local museums and galleries would be nice treat.

Tickets to a movie, performance, or concert classes for learning a new language or skill like ceramics or art.

The final eco-friendly zero waste gift shows you really care of others. Simply helping out the person in some way that will make their life much easier. There are my recommendations:

  • Walk your friend’s dog
  • Cook a meal
  • Offer to cat-sit while they go on vacation
  • Babysit for few hours
  • Wash windows
  • Mow or rake the lawn
  • Help pull weeds for a day

What gifts are you planing to give this year? Share your zero waste idea in comments.

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