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How to Stop Plastic Pollution?

Plastic is cheap and versatile but becoming an environmental issue.We are produce over 300 million tons of plastic  every year.50 % of which is for single-use purposes.Plastic pollution is everywhere. We could  find it in the deepest ocean trenches to the arctic ice sheets. Over 90 % of all seabirds have plastic pieces in their stomachs.


Accourding to 8 million  tons of plastics ending up in our ocean each year. When our children look upon the plastic polluting our ecosystem they won’t ask why we didn’t recycle more.

rubbish in oceans

They will ask why products taking minutes to consume were produced in packaging that last for centuries. We don’t know exactly how long will take plastic to degrade. Plastic bottles, bags and plastic junk gradually break into smaller and smaller pieces known as micro plastic which damage ecosystem.

We must take action!

Step 1

We must stop plastic waste entering our waterways as soon as possible.Most of the plastic that ends up in ocean does so because of poor waste management- particularly in low to middle income countries.

Step 2

 We have to focus on recapturing and removing plastic already in our offshore waters and shorelines. The Ocean Cleanup  aim is to clean up 90 % of floating plastic in ocean.



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