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Tips for Sustainable Travel


As a responsible traveler you probably want to reduce the amount of rubbish generated in many areas of your life. Flying is the most environmentally harmful way to move around. One air trip on a route within Europe pollutes the environment more than a day-to-day car ride all year round. According to the zero waste philosophy, we should decide to travel by train.

What is sustainable travel?

The term sustainable travel mean finding a tourism way that can be maintained long term with touching or harming cultural and natural enviornment. It is about valuing the enviornment and natural resources..

Do not print your ticket if it is not necessary. This will help you save paper and make sure you won’t lose it anywhere at the station or airport.

Packing last-minute is always stressful. Try to think about it in advance in order to plan the things you take with you on your journey in a sensible way. Take with you a bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste in an aluminum tube. Bamboo is a material that should decompose within a few months of being thrown away. The aluminium used in the toothpaste tube is very valuable. The chance of its recovery is definitely higher on than on plastic processing.

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Soap bar is much more convenient to use on zero waste travel than plastic bottles. You can store it in a jute massage glove that fits perfectly with a zero waste make-up bag.

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