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Why go vegetarian?

For many people, a plant-based diet seems boring, expensive and difficult. These are just myths that can be easily refuted. Below we present you top reasons to become a vegan.

  • You don’t make animals suffer – 50 billion animals are raised and killed for meat every year. It’s a huge scale. You don’t have to contribute to this cruelty.
  • You take care of the planet – Massive animal husbandry and unsustainable fishing have huge consequences for the planet. We poison the Earth, destroy it, and the simplest step we can take to help the planet is to switch to veganism.
  • For health – A reasonable plant diet provides the right amount of protein and all essential amino acids, is rich in vitamins and microelements. By choosing veganism, we reduce by half the risk of developing colorectal cancer and protect ourselves from cardiovascular disease.
  • You will discover new flavors – Vegan diet is a huge selection of flavors and a variety of colors. Look for new recipes, get inspired and cook, and you’ll see that vegan dishes can be delicious, healthy and colorful.
  • Easy to prepare – Another myth about the vegan diet is the difficulty of preparing it. The plant diet may be easier to use than the traditional one!
  • For beauty – Taking care of what is on our plates, we care for ourselves and our body. We plan our meals, introduce more vegetables and fruits that have a good effect on our skin and hair.
  • For our budget- Vegetable diet does not have to be expensive, on the contrary, vegetables, cereal and pasta are cheaper products compared to meat.
  • For a better mood – Turning to veganism, we can feel like real animal heroes!

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