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The Best Ways to Store All Your Small Kitchen Appliances

Let’s face it; the kitchen can be a hot mess. With so many small appliances and gadgets, it’s easy for the space to become cluttered and disorganized.

But don’t let all the chaos slow you down! You can turn that messy kitchen into a well-oiled machine with creativity and some handy storage solutions.

We’ve put together a list of the best ways to store all your small kitchen appliances so you can keep your kitchen organized and running smoothly. So roll up your sleeves, and let’s start!

Donate the Appliances You Never Use

Let’s start with the most obvious solution– get rid of the appliances you never use.
We’ve all got that one gadget that seemed like a fantastic tool in the past but now takes up valuable counter space. Donate it to a friend or charity, or sell it on a platform like Facebook Marketplace. You will save space in your kitchen, and you’ll also be helping someone else put it to good use.

Categorizing Kitchen Appliances by Frequency of Use

Once you’ve gotten rid of the appliances you don’t use, it’s time to think about the ones you do. How often you use your kitchen appliances is the best way to organize them.
For example, everyday appliances like a toaster, coffee maker, and microwave should be easily
accessible on the counter. Less frequently used items like a stand mixer or slow cooker can be stored in a cabinet or lower shelf.

Move Rarely-Used Kitchen Appliances To Storage

If you’ve got a lot of appliances that you only use occasionally, you may have to transfer them to
another part of your house. One option is to move them to a storage area like a pantry or basement.
You can also consider storing them in a nearby closet or attic.

Before you start moving appliances to storage, make a list of everything you have and how often you
use it. This move will help you determine which devices should be moved to storage and which should stay within easy reach.

Next, use protective covers for appliances like stand mixers and food processors to keep them clean and dust-free while in storage. Label everything clearly, so you know where to find it when needed.

Install an Appliance Center

Another excellent option for storing small kitchen appliances is to install an appliance center. These are typically shelves or drawers designed to hold appliances like toasters, blenders, and food processors.
They’re a great way to keep your kitchen organized and make it easy to find the necessary appliance.

Find Creative Solutions to Store Small Items

You can easily misplace small kitchen items like cookie cutters, measuring spoons, tea infusers, and
peelers. These little guys can be a real pain to store, but there are a few creative solutions that can help. One option is to hang them on a rack or a magnetic strip. This way, they’ll be easily accessible, and you’ll never have to dig through a drawer full of them again.

Below are other creative solutions you can try:
● Utilize the space above the refrigerator by installing a shelf or using stackable storage
● Use a hanging organizer or wall-mounted rack to store your cookie cutters, spatulas, and other
small kitchen tools.
● Invest in stackable or nesting mixing bowls, measuring cups, and colanders to save space.
● Install a pot rack to hang pots and pans, saving cabinet space.

Consider an Island with Drawers

If you’re lucky enough to have an island in your kitchen, consider adding drawers. This great way to add extra storage space for your small kitchen appliances and utensils. Plus, it will also give you extra counter space to work on.

Install Hooks to Hang Mugs

Another simple solution to free up cabinet space is to install hooks to hang mugs. This is an inexpensive way to keep your cups organized and easily accessible. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your collection of cool and unique mugs.

Decant Bulk Items

If you’ve got a lot of bulk items like flour, sugar, and pasta, consider decanting them into airtight
containers. Not only will this help keep your pantry organized, but it will also help keep your ingredients fresh. Plus, it’s a great way to add a little personality to your kitchen.

A little organization is all it takes to tame the chaos in your kitchen. The peace of mind you get after your kitchen organization project is bliss.