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Sure-Fire Signs That You Need to Perform House Releveling

House re-leveling is an important job that you might need to have for your house. It increases the strength of your house and ensures durability. In this article, we will provide you with the basic idea of house re-leveling and all other aspects of it.

What Is Meant by Re-Levelling a House?

Simply speaking, re-leveling a house implies the process of helping your residence get back to its original position as it was at the time of construction. With time, the subfloors of your house can sink for some particular reason, and we raise them mechanically to adjust their position. The foundation is raised and releveled back to the original level and height with the help of hydraulic jacks.

Here, we would like to mention that there is some difference between house re-levelling and house restumping. In fact, house re-leveling is a requirement for the process of restumping.

When revealing the foundation of your house, you need to raise and adjust the floors of the house hydraulically. On the contrary, by the term house restumping we usually indicate the process by which deteriorated timber stumps are removed and replaced with fresh ones.

Apart from this, your house needs to be re-level to adjust its level. On the other hand, we perform restocking for fortifying the house foundations that have been worn out. We also need to fix the structural damage sustained by the timber stumps for quite some time in the past.

For What Reason Can a House Become Unlevelled?

There are several reasons why the foundation of any house can weaken over time. Soil shifting, natural wear and tear, or an excessive amount of moisture can make the timber stumps weak in the long run. Because of this, it might be possible for the stumps to move, sink, or settle into the floor. Your house can become uneven because of these types of movements in the foundation.

What Symptoms Should You Look For?

Below, we have mentioned certain symptoms to look for to verify whether there is any issue creeping up. It’ll be a sensible idea to detect and fix these problems at the earliest. This can be done with the help of house re-levelling professionals having experience under their belt.

  1. External or internal cracks: It is for sure that cracks can indicate structural glitches in the long run. These cracks can happen outside the foundation of the house too. On most occasions, you will find these cracks in and around the fireplace veneers, floors, and ceilings. These fractures can also appear within the walls, particularly those constructed from plaster or drywall. It’ll be a sensible idea to schedule a foundation inspection once you observe them.
  2. Mortar joint gaps: The term joint refers to the gaps between the bricks or concrete blocks. These joints are filled with mortar. Once the mortar develops cracks, it might indicate an uneven shifting of the foundation.
  3. Stuck doors and windows: It is feasible for doors and windows to become stuck or they might even fail to close in the long run. In case this takes place on one specific side of the house it might indicate that house re-levelling is on the cards.
  4. Previous repairs: If you don’t own a house from its construction, you can understand whether it is settling by unravelling the history of the house. The background of the house might likewise indicate other concerns associated with the foundation. Unaddressed foundation issues can be present in case there are any latch replacements or filled cracks. Therefore, these repairs might not be foundational in the strict sense. The foundation will provide you with the proper knowledge regarding whether house re-levelling will be needed or not.
  5. Unstable chimney: In case there are cracks or leakages in the chimney it might indicate that the foundation isn’t settling properly as expected. This might be detrimental while taking into consideration the significance of the chimney operating at optimum capacity.


It is essential to place importance on the process of house levelling if you like to prevent the structure from getting damaged. Moreover, it will be essential for maintaining the safety of the house. However, the task of levelling is rather complicated. Therefore, you should only hire the services of experienced professionals. Don’t delay the job of levelling since it might aggravate the problem in the long run.