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Several Benefits of Green Cleaning

There are several reasons and benefits of green cleaning. Green cleaning should be used instead of regular cleaning agents because the toxins and chemicals in cleaning products can be harmful to your health. If you’re cleaning with these cleaning products each of them contains chemicals in them.

If you are inhaling them they can affect your breathing, lungs and even your heart. If you happen to mix any of these cleaning products it could even be deadly. Have you ever poured bleach in your toilet and then spray it with cleaner and a fog appears and you can’t breath? This is the chemicals in these two combined making a very dangerous combination. If you even get any of these chemicals on your skin or your eyes can be very dangerous as well.

You should clean your home with green products because you won’t be inhaling any cleaning products. When you use green products you are also not endangering the environment. When you are using chemical products and you’re done with these products and throw this away it effects the enviroment.

The landfill is full of these bottles. This builds up and affects our environment. It takes years for these plastic containers to dissolve. When you do use products that are green these products are biodegradable and they often cost less to purchase. You are saving your environment and your health along with your money at the same time.

Using products that are not green can be a danger for your family as well. Your family is breathing in these toxins as well as you are when you clean. You are leaving the odor of these products in the air of your home where your family lives and breathes. You also risk the danger if you have small children in the home that they could get a hold of any of these products and get them on their skin or even worse drink them.

Going green with your cleaning supplies is very important for your health and your family’s health. Don’t take a chance with your family’s health and use products that you clean with that are green for your home and your environment. Your children will be paying for your cleaning with products that are not green in their future. With the overload of these products in the landfill where it takes years and years for these plastic containers to break down and with your children’s health. It’s important to start cleaning green now.

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