Natural Exfoliating Sisal Soap Bags – 2 Pack


Our natural sisal soap holder is great for exfoliation or massage, delicate enough to keep your skin clean and soft.

The bag has small holes, the bubbles are very rich and delicate, and the dead skin is effectively removed.

Simply put the soap into the bag and tighten the strap, you can hang it on the wall with a drawstring.

Set of 2.

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You can use it for soap, shower gel, and cleansing lotion. rich in foam, comes with a lanyard, the mesh is delicate, giving you a different experience.

When using, soak it in warm water for two minutes to make the fabric soft and delicate, then add facial cleanser or shower gel to scrub the body.

It can maintain good and slight friction, remove grease and remove dirt, clean the skin, and stimulate the face, arms, chest and abdomen, back, limbs, etc., to bring refreshing and fun to the four seasons bath.

It is soft and durable. Suitable for foaming and massage exfoliating to remove dead skin.

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