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People, Communities, Planet: A New Era of Swag

Swag has a bad reputation. Unwanted plastic bottles are chucked into the trash before the first swig of water has even been drunk. Many employees would rather be seen dead rather than wear one of those cheap, polyester corporate shirts. But the worst offender is the infamous ballpoint pen. I mean, who needs another plastic pen in 2023?! 

Based on all this, you probably think that sending free merch to employees, clients, and customers must stop if we’re to protect our planet. We’re here to advise that spending more on custom merch might be the way to go. Let’s explain. 

You shouldn’t have to decide between buying swag and doing good for the planet!

Swag that lasts.

First, we want to clarify that spending more on swag doesn’t mean buying more. It’s all about strategizing what to buy and who to buy it for. For instance, buying 100 $5 polyester tees that fade after the first wash is completely illogical. Buying ten $30 shirts that support missions such as carbon neutrality or 1% for the Planet doesn’t only help mother nature but helps reflect your brand in the best light and gives your recipients cool merch they will cherish for a long time. Everyone wins. 

While it may sound that by buying less swag, some recipients may feel that they’ve missed out on some freebies, that doesn’t have to be the case. Everyone would prefer one special item rather than a whole bundle of mediocrity. You can also make the ‘swag getting’ competitive fun. 

For instance, instead of providing a cheap notebook to every team member, you could encourage staying fit and active by providing a waterproof speaker to those who increased their step count the most. 

Finally, buying swag from B Corps and other mission-minded organizations helps align with your ESR and CSG goals, and it’s probably one of the easiest ways you can do so. 

Providing meaningful, purpose-driven swag has heaps of benefits.

Do Good through custom merch.

What would you say if we told you that you could buy eco-friendly custom merch that also supports those who have experienced foster care? By buying your swag through DGW Branded, you can create a real impact on people and the planet. You can learn more about their mission here but in essence, the company’s aim is to put purpose before profit. DGW Branded isn’t the only swag company that has altruistic motives – by sourcing your swag ethically, your order can have an impact beyond transforming your business. 

Purchasing merchandise from B Corps offers an excellent opportunity to promote your brand effectively.

Final step: Communities.

Now that we’ve discovered how the planet can be protected and people elevated, the final step to swag utopia is by helping communities grow. Custom merch is a great way for your company culture to be reflected by what you buy. For instance, if you’re looking to diversify your procurement, swag is a great way to support women-owned or BIPOC-owned businesses. Not only does this help the individual business succeed, but it can be crucial in strengthening neighbourhoods and fortifying the American Dream for the next generation.  

Buying swag from diverse demographics and independent sellers can help communities flourish. 

Worth the price.

Buying better quality custom merch is a far better ROI compared to the cheap stuff. An $80 Bellroy Backpack will be used more often, for far longer, than a bargain basement alternative. Your custom logo will be seen for longer and will exponentially increase your brand’s identity. 

That’s not to mention less tangible benefits such as increasing employee productivity and attracting top talent to your firm. This means that even if you do want to provide every employee with a Branded Kit, you can do so, knowing that in the long run, your investment will pay off. 

Is spending a little more at the beginning a good investment if it results in increased brand awareness, improved company culture, and a better relationship with communities and the planet? Do we really need to answer that? 

A custom kit experience can boost brand awareness and employee morale at the same time.

One more thing.

We hope that by reading this article, your perspective on swag has changed. By being aware that by consciously being careful of the swag you buy, a snowball effect of good can occur. From providing disadvantaged demographics with jobs and training, nurturing communities, and protecting the environment, the power of swag has gone from garbage to gold.