Myths about Aluminium Doors and Windows Busted

Myths about Aluminium Doors and Windows Busted

Aluminium is a highly versatile and strong material being used these days for a variety of constructions. Earlier, aluminium was used to make frames and panels for doors and windows in small buildings and houses only, but now it has got metallic sheen that makes a style statement in most establishments. At present, aluminium has come up as the best possible solution for all your door and window structures. However, there are certain myths around aluminium doors and windows that might be stopping you from actually using them.

Myths around aluminium doors and windows:

Myth #1: Aluminium is Not Stylish:

Aluminium doors and windows are cheap and cost-efficient, many people think that they are not classy and stylish. While this may be true for cheap aluminium sheets and panels, those designed with high quality aluminium are available in a variety of styles, patterns, and shades, which you can choose as per your styling needs.

Aluminium is a highly malleable material that can be customised exactly as per your needs and desires. Earlier, aluminium was available in silver, white, or hardwood sub-finish only. These days, grey and charcoal coloured aluminium panels are getting huge popularity. Powder coating can also be done to colour the frame in almost any hue and shade that you desire. Aluminium frames can also be sprayed with colour to make them diverse in looks. As far as finish is concerned, you can either go for a glossy frame or a matte one, depending on your personal preferences and décor style.

Myth #2: Aluminium cannot be insulated:

Since it is a metal, many people believe that it cannot contain the desired temperature inside the room. It is true that aluminium doors and windows do not support chamber-style insulation as in uPVC frames; they have multiple thermal breaks integrated into them. These breaks create small bridges or spaces between the interior and exterior face of the panes. Being a poor conductor, air in these spaces prevent heat from escaping, thus making your doors and windows thermally insulated and energy efficient.

Special polyamides for insulation can also be integrated into these frames to make them insulated and reduce energy consumption. Installing gaskets along with the doors and windows can further enhance their thermal insulation property. The highly reflective surface of aluminium keeps solar rays away, because of which they are fantastic for façade shading.

Myth #3: Aluminium is Not Suitable for Vintage Structures:

Since aluminium doors and windows look naturally sleek, most people see them suitable for modern buildings only and do not find them appropriate to gel with vintage structures. The best thing about aluminium frames is that they can be made in any depth choice, which makes them ideal for traditional buildings as well as home extensions. Even if your building has a stone or hardwood mullion, aluminium panes will look incredibly good on them. Aluminium is the right choice for both modern and vintage style buildings.

Myth #4: Aluminium is Difficult to Maintain:

Since aluminium is a metal, many people think that it will rust, corrode, or get damaged due to weather. But in reality, aluminium does not react with elements and has almost zero maintenance needs. It is termite resistant, weather resistant, and does not support growth of insects and pests. You don’t even need to paint your aluminium doors and windows to keep them safe from corrosion, like iron. Despite it is a metal, it does not rot, peel or flake, due to which it is a popular choice for outside exposure.

Now that we have busted some of the most popular myths about aluminium doors and windows, don’t keep a second thought in your mind and go ahead and choose aluminium doors and windows in your residential or commercial space.

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