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Getting Your Kids Excited About Sustainability

Sustainability has become a hot topic over the last few years, and for plenty of good reasons. The statistics surrounding water pollution, plastic, waste, and carbon emissions are staggering and grim.

It’s going to be up to the next generation to make major changes and to turn our environmental patterns around. But, as a parent, you can do your part now by getting your kids excited about sustainability.

That means using your creativity and some unique ideas to teach them how important taking care of the planet is. Thankfully, it’s easier than you might think. By encouraging your kids to practice sustainability now, you’ll instill healthy, eco-friendly habits for a lifetime.

Let’s look at a few creative ways to boost their excitement for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Sustainable Solutions for Boredom

Summer is just around the corner, and that typically means your kids will be spending more time at home. If you’re already dreading hearing “I’m bored!” more than once, come up with some eco-friendly projects now that you can do all season.

Keep in mind that boredom isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can help your child to grow and boost their creativity. But, if they’re constantly reaching for an electronic device and sitting in front of the TV to “cure” their boredom, introducing them to sustainable DIY projects is a much better option. You don’t have to be extra crafty to work on eco-friendly projects with your kids. There are plenty of step-by-step instructions for different ideas online. But, try to focus on projects that you can actually use and that your kids will get excited about, including:

  • Homemade bath bombs
  • DIY sugar scrubs
  • Using fresh produce to cook/bake something
  • Setting up a recycling station in the house

If you’re not a project person, there are plenty of ways to teach your kids about the environment without having to break out a glue stick. Go on a hike or a bike ride through the neighborhood. Take a walk through a wooded area and show them what different plants look like. There are ways you can teach your kids about sustainability every single day and fight their boredom blues at the same time.

Getting Their Hands Dirty

Most kids love hands-on learning, especially when it involves getting messy. There may be no better way to introduce your kids to eco-friendly habits than to have them help with a garden. It’s a direct approach to sustainability, and it can teach so many lessons.

With a garden, you can teach your children about where food comes from, how it’s grown, transported, and why organic options are so important. Gardening can help to boost your mood, provide relaxation, and it’s even a great physical activity. Those are all benefits kids need just as much as adults.

If you want to start a garden, let your kids help you with every step. Planning a garden starts with finding the right location, then building the space to fit your needs. Do your research on which vegetables, fruits, or flowers to plant. You’ll want to choose varieties that will do well in your climate, and learn which conditions they thrive in.

Your children will love seeing their hard work pay off when harvest time rolls around. But, that’s not even the real reward. The knowledge they’ll gain from gardening is the most important thing since they can use it for the rest of their lives to grow their own food.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how you can get your kids excited about sustainability. Try to incorporate small things each day. Make a competition out of who can take the shortest shower. Or, give a special prize to the child who recycled the most in a week. Finding sustainability opportunities at home is fun for the whole family, and it will set your kids up for long-term sustainable success.

Photo by Filip Urban on Unsplash.