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11 Engaging And Funny Story Ideas To Boost Your Instagram Followers

Whether you’re an individual or marketer, you can use the Instagram stories feature to post photos and videos to enhance your reach or engagement level. Stories give the best opportunities for creators and influencers to promote their brand to a massive audience. 

In this blog post, I’ll give you some creative and funny Instagram story ideas to get a better look and increase your followers count. 

Let’s get started!

1. Upload Instagram Posts 

If you post videos on your regular Instagram post, you can’t evaluate whether each of your followers can watch your posts on their feed. But, you can quickly receive huge followers to see your posts on Instagram stories. Because stories appear at the top of the user’s profile, so they can easily identify your videos. Hence, you should take a screenshot of your Instagram post and upload it on a stories feed. 

2. Publish Guest Blogs 

Instagram story is a great place to promote your latest blog articles. It is perfect for generating sales with your brand and driving traffic to your blog post. An Instagram story with a swipe up feature enables users to directly visit your landing page or website. 

3. Follow Regular Series

Creating a regular series will help your followers to know more about your industry, and it gives you the chance to create a strong relationship with your brand and customers. When you post stories regularly, make sure the content is innovative and engaging.

4. Leverage UGC 

User generated content provides a great opportunity for you to share authentic content with your customers and increase your brand value. Reposting user generated content to your stories feed will increase the chance to achieve real views for your Instagram stories and highlight your brand partners, customers, and followers.  

5. Use Polling Stickers 

Instagram stories offer a poll sticker feature for users to ask questions with two options to their followers. It is a great way to engage your followers and build brand awareness. 

According to Instagram, polling stickers increases your video views more than 3 times. Using this feature, you can ask for feedback from the audience about your recent products and services. 

6. Share Valuable Tips 

You can use Instagram stories to share some useful tips and information with your followers. It is more beneficial for your followers to learn something valuable through your stories. Whether it is based on your business or something general that encourages your audience to watch your posts regularly. 

7. Behind The Scenes Of Your Life

One more engaging story idea on Instagram is to show off your regular life. It gives a great look at your routine works, brand operators, which creates a high level of engagement and builds trust. 

For example, you can create behind the scenes of making and selling products, not just the end results. Or, if you travel with your family, create behind the scenes photos you take and upload them on Instagram stories feed. 

8. Host Contests & Giveaways

If you want to make a more powerful engagement to your Instagram profile, you can host a giveaway or contests for your viewers. You can gain highly engaging participation and increase your followers drastically through Instagram contests and giveaways. 

Do you know how Instagram stories help to promote giveaways: 

  • After hosting giveaways, you can ask your followers to post their own stories that are relevant to your theme. 
  • Ask followers to tag your account to their Instagram story. It is the most effective way to increase your followers count. 

9. Utilize Instagram Story Highlights 

A fact of Instagram stories is it automatically disappears after 24 hours you posted. But many people can easily access your stories within a short time. Apart from this feature, you can use the Instagram highlight feature to add your most popular stories as a new highlight. 

To save your story in the highlight section, 

  • Select the story you like to highlight and tap the highlight button at the bottom right corner. 
  • You can create a new highlight cover and add it to your Instagram story as a highlight. 

10. Favorite 

Posting a favorite is one of the best Instagram story ideas that help you to know more about your followers. Choose some exciting category such as favorite place, favorite food, or something else and create questions relevant to the topic. It will encourage your followers to give their own answers and repost them to their profiles. 

11. Share Quotes

It is a simple, funny, and most valuable strategy to capture the attention of your audience. Posting motivational quotes in the morning time with an appropriate hashtag will increase your discoverability and gain new followers to your Instagram profile.


Instagram is an incredibly popular video-sharing platform in the marketing world. It offers endless opportunities for creators, marketers, and influencers to become famous on the platform and receive potential customers to your account. You can use these 11 best ideas to enhance your followers’ growth and entertain huge audiences!

Author Bio: 

Katherin Mary is an SEO strategist and senior content writer of She has been working in the content marketing industry for 3+ years and has a handful of experience in Digital Marketing. You can also find her on Twitter!