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How to Be Eco-Friendly Pet Owner


Most of us consider our pets as family members, so we want them to be included in zero waste lifestyle. By replacing the products we use everyday to take care about pets, can have a huge impact on our planet. Today we present you tips that will help you to live with your pets more greener way.

People are being more and more aware about the impact of corporations trying to attract customers with very low prices, but most food for dogs or cats is very low quality. It will be much better to invest in products that use not only sustainably grown sources, but also provide our animals with the nutrients they need to be healthy.

tips for eco-friendly pet owner

Chose food for cats and dogs with low impact meats like rabbit or chicken, and try to stay away from red meat like beef, which is a big source of pollution in the environment. Don’t forget about the packaging. Buy food loose and carry it using reusable containers or bags.

As it may be very unpleasant, cleaning up after your pets it’s very important. Remember that pet poop pollute our ecosystem and can carry serious disease!

Picking up after your dog using the plastic bag will fill landfill or pollute ocean. Use a fully biodegradable bags for this. You can find them more often at your local pet store or are widely available on the internet.

You don’t need to buy another plastic which will be a toy. Get creative with things you have in your home and you might be throwing out soon. For animals, it doesn’t make any difference!

Do you have a piece of old aluminum foil? It can become a great toy for cats! Make a pull toy from an old knotted t-shirt – it will entertain dogs for hours! Even old toilet tubes can be a labyrinth for smaller animals just like hamsters or guinea pigs. Try to hide bits of food inside it, and watch your pet having fun.



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