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How To Make Your Night Out Wardrobe More Sustainable

So many people pay for a new outfit every time they go on a night out, which is obviously extremely damaging to the environment, especially if you go out very regularly! Some fast fashion websites designed for night-out clothes can often be the worst for greenwashing when really they are the most guilty of exploiting communities and the environment. So, we are here to offer you some alternatives so that you can look and feel amazing every night out without having as much of an impact on the environment. 

Shop With The 30 Times Rule

Our first tip to help you make your night-out wardrobe more sustainable is to shop with the 30 times rule. One of the major issues with going out in clothes is people don’t like to wear them more than once, however, this is the most damaging thing you can do! So, before you make a purchase, ask yourself if you will wear the piece at least 30 times. If the answer is no, you shouldn’t be buying it, as the impact it has had on the environment is too high if you will not wear it 30 times. 

Look for items that are more timeless, like simple black going-out dresses or simple sparkly tops that you know you will wear over and over again, year after year! This way, you can mix and match more pieces to create endless combinations of night-out clothes without getting bored. So, just make sure that you are honest with yourself when making the decision if you will wear it 30 times!

Rotate With Your Friends

Another great thing you can do to make your night-out wardrobe more sustainable is to rotate outfits with your friends. This is the perfect solution to make sure that you always have a new outfit to wear, you’re helping the environment and you will save lots of money over time. Say there’s a group of 5 of you that go out regularly, and each of you has 5 different going-out outfits, that’s 25 outfits that you can rotate between you all! 

This is especially good if you’re going on holiday as a group, as you only have to take a few pieces each and you can keep rotating. There are so many brands out there that offer one size fits all clothing to help you achieve this, or you could just share some main components of the outfits and then have your own base pieces. 

Buy Second Hand

The last tip we have to help you make your night-out wardrobe more sustainable is to buy second-hand. This is the best thing you can do, as it helps to reduce the demand for new pieces of clothing being made, and you are making sure that the processes and materials needed for the clothes to originally be made are not going to waste. The processes required for making brand new clothes are extremely damaging, particularly when it is inconsiderate fast fashion companies who are making them, so you will be making such a difference. 

This is especially the case for more demanding materials like denim when buying secondhand is even more important. Not only will you save so much money doing this, but you will be able to afford much better quality pieces. Then, they will naturally last longer, and if after 30 wears you decide that you’re not as keen anymore, you can wash the clothes and sell them if they are still in good condition! 

Photo by Nino Kojo on Unsplash.