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9 Eco-Friendly Ways to Remove Unwanted Body Hair at Home

If you have to remove hair from your body often but are worried about the wastefulness of this process, then this article is for you. In this context, we’ll cover some of the most sustainable ways to remove unwanted body hair.

1. IPL Hair Removal

One of the ways of removing hair that has become more popular these days is using IPLs.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, which harkens to how it removes hair from your body. It uses direct light to create a burst of heat that affects the cells and causes the hair to grow. Although it sounds similar to laser hair removal, the two are different ways of removing hair.

Laser hair removal focuses more on the follicles. The IPL hair removal affects a broader area of your skin and hair.

With IPL hair removal, you can remove your hair in an eco-friendly way because how you’re not constantly replacing your IPL like you do with razors.

One thing to consider is that IPL is not as long-lasting a result in the same way that laser hair removal is. Also, it would take at least six to 12 sessions to get your desired results. You’ll also need to repeat these hair removal sessions at some point since different hairs will be in various stages of hair growth, affecting how fast they will grow back.

2. Threading

Another method of removing hair that is more mechanical in its method would be threading.

Threading has been used for years and is one of the oldest methods of getting rid of hair. If you don’t know what and how to do it, threading is when someone rolls a cotton thread tightly pulled over body parts where you want to remove hair. The tension of the thread will catch the hair, and the practitioner will pull the hair off.

Threading is a simple procedure, but the technique is hard to do, so you should only do it with a practiced person. Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time and cause pain.

Although you can use threading to remove hair from your body, it takes quite a lot of time. That’s why you most commonly thread to eyebrows, not the entire body. It would take hours, so it’s best to do this for only small parts or areas of the body.

3. Tweezing

Speaking of a mechanical way of getting rid of unwanted body hair, another reliable method for many is tweezing. There’s nothing like using a good old pair of tweezers to pull out the tiny hairs around your body that you want to get rid of.

This method of removing hair is eco-friendly because all you need is a pair of reusable tweezers. The one thing that you need to consider would be to clean your tweezers and sterilize them after each use. That way, you reduce the chances of infection significantly since constantly pulling on your hair can damage your skin.

With this hair removal method, your hair would grow back within two or six weeks, depending on yourself. Also, just like threading, it will take a long time if you plan on tweezing out hair for your whole body, which is why tweezing is best for smaller areas of your body.

4. Dermaplane

One of the facial hair removal methods that has gained popularity in recent years is dermaplaning.

A dermaplane is something that you can do at home, but it would be safer if you get a skincare professional to help you with it. If you don’t know what it is, dermaplaning is when you get a surgical scalpel that will exfoliate the top layer of skin and remove hair on your face.

This procedure will help leave your skin much brighter, making it easier for your face to absorb skincare products.

Doing this method at home will take much work since you want to keep a steady hand. The blade you will use for this method is no joke, and one wrong move could leave you with a scar on your face.

5. Pumice Stone

You might be familiar with pumice stone as an effective way of removing dead skin cells at the top of your skin’s layer. But you might not know that pumice stone is also an excellent way to remove hair.

All you need to do is wash your body and dry yourself off. Then, with a dry pumice stone, you will start rubbing on your skin with it using slow, circular motions.

Make sure not to rub too deeply onto your skin, or your skin might end up raw from the pressure. Also, to prevent that, you should move the pumice stone to different body spots to reduce the pressure.

The aftercare for your skin should be some soothing and moisturizing cream, like aloe vera gel or lotion.

6. Waste-Free Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are an excellent option for removing hair without working too hard. With that in mind, many readily available commercially standard hair removal creams are unsuitable for the environment. Once you wash it out, it can harm the environment, not to mention being made from harsh chemicals on your skin.

To keep with being eco-friendly, then make sure you go with organic and eco-friendly hair removal creams that are not only made from cruelty-free methods but also do not harm the environment when you wash them out.

7. Sugaring

Sugaring is when you use boiled sugar mixed with water and lemon juice to form a sticky paste. You can then stick that to parts of your body that you want to remove hair from and then use the wax paper to pull and strip the hair away.

Please don’t use this method of removing hair from your face since it does require you to pull on your skin to get rid of the hair. What’s great is that you can also get reusable wax papers.

8. Laser Hair Removal

One of the best hair removal methods on a long-term basis would be laser hair removal. Although it’s a bit more expensive than other hair removal methods, it’s one method where the hair takes a lot longer to grow back. At some point, some people even find that there’s less and less hair growing after each session.

9. Electric Razors

Most of the time, razors are not the most eco-friendly choice since you have to replace the blades often. But you can always get an electric razor if you are more comfortable with using a razor to get rid of hair.

Many razors are even helpful with removing hair from more sensitive parts of your body.


These hair removal methods will all remove your hair in some way or another. You should be able to find a hair removal method you will be most comfortable using. With these methods, not only can you remove hair efficiently, but you’re also going to be more sustainable, so try these out for yourself whenever you need to remove hair.

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