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What is Electronic Proof of Delivery App And Its Benefits

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Rapid digitalisation has changed our habits and lifestyles, including how we shop. Besides traditional mail, we send and receive various items, from clothes to kitchen stuff, hardware, pet care needs and more. However, one challenge that comes with e-commerce is how to efficiently track your documents and packages from Point A to Point B. In making sure every parcel reaches its destination, proof of delivery app becomes necessary. This way, you can track your deliveries in real-time from the convenience of your smartphone. In this article, you will learn about why every delivery needs this application. 

Proof of delivery 

Traditionally, proof of delivery (POD) is a paper that proves a package reached its destination. This piece of paper is used to send it back to the sender bearing the signature of the recipient. It also includes contact numbers and important dates. It is impartial proof of the transaction between parties dealing with a document or product that requires shipping or mailing. 

Electronic proof of delivery

Paper proof of delivery is still done by some courier services and preferred by a few patrons. However, together with other e-commerce trends, electronic proof of delivery is increasingly becoming popular if not yet the norm. Electronic proof of delivery is just digital versions of the traditional paper proof of transaction. They can be accessed through smartphones and eliminate the risks of lost and delayed PODs. It is advantageous, especially to business owners, that track a variety of packages in a day.

The whole delivery process is recorded and controlled from an app you can download on your smartphone. In this system, the sender gets a unique tracking number for every individual parcel to track the said number in real-time. The sender can follow the item or document while in transit, estimate an arrival date and time, and immediately be notified when the parcel reaches the recipient. Apps usually provide information on three phases: pre-delivery, transit tracking, and post-delivery. Each phase gets mapped and releases notifications. 

Upon receipt, both parties usually get an email, text, or notification from the proof of delivery app for confirmation. Some courier services have features that allow signatures and photographs upon delivery to secure and close a transaction. 

What are the benefits of proof of delivery apps?

Paperless proof of delivery eliminates time-consuming manual data entries that sometimes become the cause of errors. With apps, you will be dealing with real-time data and provide automated reports. Administrative work of processing paper proofs of delivery typically takes up to three days, but you can reduce it to mere minutes by using apps. 

Vehicle tracking and instant notifications are major parts of delivery apps. Through these, there is transparency between the sender and receiver in the whole delivery process. In every phase of delivery, there is real-time data that appease customers and your business. Moreover, this accuracy builds brand trust and customer loyalty. 

Business owners optimize productivity with these apps. Besides reducing manual administrative work, apps help drivers complete more deliveries in a day. They can focus on travelling to the right addresses more, knowing that there are no risks of losing PODs along the way. 

This software also allows you to export data from all your transactions. It automatically analyses trends so you can identify possible areas of improvement. When important reports are automated, your staff can focus on more personal customer service that will surely give your business a boost. 

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