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Eco-Friendly New Home Gift Ideas!

Looking for eco-friendly gifts to buy for someone moving into their new home? You’re in the right place. We’re here with plenty of inspiration to suit all different kinds of budgets, with all of our ideas helping to protect the planet whilst also celebrating the person you’re buying for. Whether you’re a beginner to buying eco-friendly gifts or an expert, we’ve got you covered.

House Plants

First up, we have house plants! These make a fantastic new home gift, as they bring something bright and green to any space and just help to bring it to life. Not to mention, they help to purify the air, helping to set the right tone for the person’s new place. Also, when you go to a garden centre, choose a plant and a pot to go with it and give it as a gift, it’s much more eco friendly than buying something that takes a lot of resources to manufacture and then post, not to mention all of the packaging. Of course, plants are biodegradable, so worst case scenario there won’t be any damage there! Buy something easy to care for if the person isn’t already a house plant owner, like snake plants, money plants, string of hearts, trailing jade plants or parlour palms.

An Eco-Friendly Hamper

Next up, if you can’t decide on just one gift, why not put together a hamper with lots of different eco-friendly gifts! A hamper filled with eco-conscious new home gifts like candles, reusable food packaging, cleaning supplies, homemade tea towels or eco-friendly snacks will help you to get a variety of different things which the person will love! Find a hamper you have lying around or head to a charity shop to find one to put everything in. They can also then use the hamper as storage in their home.

Upcycle Something For Them

If you want to do something thoughtful for the person you’re buying for, then a great idea is to find out a few things they’re looking for in their house and then look to upcycle something for them! Perhaps they really want a console table for their hallway, a storage unit in the living room or an antique mirror for the bedroom. Of course you’ll have to know the person’s taste well as making something for their home is quite a personal thing, however if you’re in that position and fancy a challenge, then this is a great option. Source the item you’re going to upcycle at second hand furniture shops or online marketplaces (just make sure you take the time to ensure the listing is legitimate), then have fun with it! There’s so much inspiration all over the internet to help you with this.

Bee House For Garden

If the person you’re buying for has a garden, then a lovely addition would be a bee house. This is a great way to protect bees and other small insects that are great pollinators for the garden, providing a lovely nesting area for them. Not to mention, they look really cute! Whilst we’re on the topic of bees, you could also get them a little sachet of wild flowers which will help the wildlife, and bees specifically, to thrive in the garden. This is a cute and affordable gift that will add something special to their garden.

Herb Growing Set

Last but not least, you could get the person a herb-growing set. Growing your own herbs is an eco-friendly alternative to regularly buying them in plastic packaging from the supermarket, plus it’s something fun for them to do! You can get both indoor and outdoor kits depending on what the person’s new home is like, with eco-friendly specific kits that have biodegradable tubs rather than plastic ones. This is such a lovely idea that will add something special to their new home.

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