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How Bamboo Can Make for Eco-Friendly (and Comfortable) Swimwear

Bamboo fabrics are known to provide natural UV protection and can filter up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays. While this alone makes for a great swimsuit material vs. traditional, synthetically made swimwear, bamboo holds a number of other benefits that make it perfect for your next summer vacation. For those looking for sustainable swimwear options this summer, understanding the value of sustainable fabrics and how they can fit into an eco-conscious summer is key in benefiting the environment. 

The benefits of bamboo in the swimwear industry

For those looking to buy a new swimsuit this summer, it’s important to realize that the way swimwear is made generally results in a harmful impact on the environment. “Swimwear is usually made from petroleum oil-based synthetic materials which is promematic for several reasons, including the fact that oil is a rapidly depleting natural resource, which can cause environmental pollution during extraction and fibre production and it also does not biodegrade at the end of its life,” notes Harriet Vocking, the Chief Brand Officer at Eco-Age. Additionally, even washing synthetic swimwear can result in adding microplastics into waterways, proving that environmentally friendly options like bamboo are a must for the eco-conscious individual.

A comfortable choice

Bamboo textiles are known to be incredibly soft on the skin, so those with sensitive skin may find bamboo swimwear to be more comfortable than those that are synthetically made. This is primarily  because the fibres are made without chemical treatment, allowing them to be naturally smoother and rounder, without sharp spurs that can irritate the skin, according to Fibre2Fashion. The hypoallergenic nature of bamboo can only add to creating a more comfortable swimsuit, since it won’t trigger any allergies, either. And, for those who plan on spending a hot summer day lounging in their bamboo swimwear, notes that fabrics made using bamboo are known to have microscopic holes in the bamboo fibres, making the material great for ventilation. Additionally, the thermal regulating, sweat resistant effect of the material will allow you to stay dry when you’re not swimming.

More than just an aesthetic 

For those looking to ensure that their next beach vacation is as environmentally conscious as possible, there are more ways to do so in addition to packing a fashionable bamboo bikini or two. For example, Bamboodu’s bamboo hair drying wrap and eco-friendly bath and body care kit (which includes a bamboo face cloth and lavender bath salt) are perfect for winding down after a long day spent at the beach. That said, bringing along your favorite skincare is a great way to keep up your routine while on vacation, and can be used right alongside your favorite bamboo products. Charly Sturm notes that vacation beauty essentials — specifically skin care — are important in maintaining hydrated and healthy skin. What works for one person might not work for another, but it’s always worth putting together a small bag of skincare staples for a summer trip including a good all round cleanser, toner and moisturizer plus of course the all important SPF. 

Going on a long-awaited summer vacation is always exciting, though ensuring that your trip is an environmentally friendly one can seem like a challenge. However, by incorporating bamboo swimwear into your vacation (along with other essentials), you can ensure that your trip is as eco-conscious as possible.
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