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Top Tips For Caring For Your Clothes More Sustainably

Fast fashion is a huge concern for the world and is one of the largest polluters in the world. With the ever-changing fashion trends and the cheap prices, it is no wonder why people find it hard to resist picking up the next trending tee. The issue with this is that the clothes don’t last and they certainly can’t repair them. Vivienne Westwood once said you should buy less, choose well and make less, this saying has changed the sustainable fashion industry for many years, and more people are aiming to adopt this method. The basic principle of sustainable fashion is to buy less but buy better quality that will last which makes a lot of sense. In this article, we will go through some of the top tips for caring for your clothes.

20% of a piece of clothes’ environmental impact is generated once the purchase is complete. This means that as a consumer, it is up to us to decide what to buy and it is our responsibility to care for and maintain that product. How often you wash your clothing and how your store them are factors that need to be considered when caring for your clothing.

Wash Less

As we have just said, the way you clean your clothes is the most important tip for looking after your clothes more sustainably. If you wash your clothes too much, it can damage your clothes by stretching, and discolouring, as well as the fabric quality, will quickly diminish. It is a natural reaction to put our worn clothes in the washing basket, which is fine if you have a smelly tee or used underwear. Everything else should be worn a few times before putting it through another cycle. If your clothes aren’t dirty but have a slight musty smell, you can now buy sprays that clean your clothing and remove bad odours and replace it with a fresh smell. For added protection when washing your clothes, only use cold washes as this will help to save your clothes and reduce your energy bill.

Read The Care Instruction

If you are going to buy better, you are going to want to know how to take care of them properly. Many people don’t do this, but the label attached to the piece tells you exactly how to clean and care for that piece. It is worth reading each label so you know what can be washed with each other. This will not only make your clothing last, but you will be more mindful of what you are buying. Premium clothing needs to be looked after.

Use Microplastic Laundry Bags

Fabrics have fibres, and when you wash your clothing these fibres become loose and go into the washing water which in turn ends up in our oceans which sea life consumes. Organic fibres in clothing are much better for the environment. Sometimes this is unavoidable such as in sports clothing like tracksuits or swimwear as these are synthetic fibres. A microplastic laundry bag is highly recommended as it reduces the number of microplastics that go in the wash.

Air Dry

Drying your clothing in a machine uses a lot of energy just like washing your clothing on heat.  It can also damage some clothing as it is not suitable for drying which in turn shrinks or distorts the shape of the item of clothing. There is nothing better than air-dried clothes as they smell so fresh when you take it down to dry.  Drying your clothes with fresh air is best for your clothes. As with everything, check your label first to find out what is best for your garment.

Store Clothing Properly

As well to washing properly, drying properly and steaming your clothes rather than ironing them, you also need to take care of your clothes by storing them properly. Storing your clothing properly significantly increases the lifespan of your clothing. If you have anything knit, the best way to store is by folding, if you are putting trousers away, hang them rather than put them in a draw. Another factor to take into consideration is where you store them such as a dry and cool place which protects them from sunlight and dampness. If you are worried about them smelling, you can purchase wooden balls that make your wardrobe and draws smell nice and removes odours.

Photo by Mediamodifier on Unsplash.