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Bamboo Game Night Essentials for Active Older Adults: Building a Sustainable Collection

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One of the best parts about being a retiree is the freedom to do and enjoy what you like with few restrictions. That’s why so many people travel after they leave the workforce. The other fantastic part about retirement is the opportunity to spend time playing games with friends and family you adore.

If you love to travel, have fun, and spend time with others, and you want to do it all while respecting the planet, the one way to combine your passions is to invest in some bamboo game night essentials. Before heading on your next adventure, consider these tips for happy eco-friendly travel and ideas for the best bamboo tables, games, and accessories.

Travel and Play Games for a Healthy Retirement

Many retirees travel, and for good reason. For one, traveling is good for your mental and physical well-being. From a cognitive standpoint, you can clear your mind, learn new things, and find passions that can help build your self-confidence and general knowledge.

Although all forms of travel are beneficial, many retirees prefer taking to the road in a recreational vehicle. There are pros and cons to RV travel. On the bright side, it’s a very flexible travel method because you can pick up and go at any time. Plus, you can save a lot of money that you would spend on hotels.

However, there are downsides. One of them is that using an RV is not the most eco-friendly way to travel. The other major con is that all of that movement can cause travel fatigue because constantly going from place to place can be stressful, and it can be hard to establish a routine. However, even other forms of travel share similar challenges. Flying for one, is often accompanied by a larger carbon footprint, and if you want to travel internationally, you often have to battle jet lag. However, travel-fiend retirees often find ways to counteract these challenges. To help recalibrate your mind during the chaos of travel, for example, you can turn to games as a part of your routine.

The routine of board and card games has plenty of benefits — particularly for your cognitive health. After retirement, finding ways to keep your mind active should be more of a priority as you won’t have a career to preoccupy your thoughts. By making card games a part of your daily routine in your travels, you can improve your working memory and your observation skills, and retain your motor abilities.

Make Your Games More Sustainable

If you want to make your gaming routine more sustainable during your travels, you can invest in bamboo games and other reusable items. This way, you can have fun while ensuring you won’t pollute the planet.

To begin your bamboo game night essentials collection, look into a well-made bamboo side table that you can find online. A smaller table can be used when needed and stored out of the way when it’s not. While you’re at it, if you need furniture for game night and regular life, you can also purchase bamboo chairs. Finally, you can buy a mini bamboo bookshelf to hold your games and manuals. 

If you’re limited on space or want to bring fewer items when you’re on the go, look into bamboo games that also double as the table. For instance, you can invest in a bamboo Scrabble board where all of the components and tiles are made of bamboo. Search online, and you can also find many different bamboo backgammon boards that can be paired with bamboo checkers and dice. These sets allow you to pull out your favorite bamboo game anytime, even if you don’t have a table.

Games Made of Bamboo

As time goes on, toy and game manufacturers are seeing the perks of bamboo — from its durability to sustainability. So many of them are using it for their products. As an example, one game that has been a favorite for many years is Jenga, and now you can find many versions made entirely from bamboo.

Sometimes, all you need to get a game night started with your loved ones is a deck of cards because you can play anything from poker to hearts to gin rummy at a moment’s notice. The only thing that could make this better is playing with bamboo playing cards, and now you can. This full deck of bamboo cards is all you need to have sustainable fun late into the night.

An online search on retail websites like Amazon will also show you bamboo checkerboards, Connect Four games, and Mancala sets. Finally, while not technically made of wood, you can complete your collection with a board game called Bamboo, where you play against others to get the most points.


If you want to complete your bamboo game collection for fun on the go, this list should have you covered. When you constantly think of ways to enjoy your life in retirement — particularly during your travels — while also helping the environment, your happiness will shine through, and others will take notice.

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