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Travel B/Vlogging Tips for Newbies

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Digital Nomad is both a work and life balance. They are someone who lives and works out of different locations they choose to inhabit or travel for a period of time. There have been digital nomads who started out blogging and then eventually tried vlogging. Vlogging and Blogging is basically aiming to produce content based on their adventures and experiences. The difference is the medium, blogging is setting up an account whether through WordPress or your own site wherein you can log just like how a journal or diary would be. On the other hand, vlogging means producing video content.

Here are some tips to jumpstart your own content:working on laptop outdoor

1. Choose a topic that you really love. Most of the time people just randomly share anything under the sun. However, to really entice people to read or view your content you must make it clear what part of your life you want to share. Traveling for an instance, do you like to focus on writing or filming about DIY travel tours? Would you pursue traveling BnB at a time? This way, your audience knows what to expect and in turn be more loyal and watch out for your future content.

2. Write, write, and then write some more or simply continue documenting. Document through written or video form will help you gain more vision in your trajected storytelling. This way, your voice becomes more distinct. The truth is, travel content is a niche that is overflowing with content. You have to find something to set you apart and make you, YOU.


3. Edit. Whether it’s a blog or vlog you plan to post on YouTube, it is important to edit your work. This allows you to double-check and make your content better. Edit your video and add subtitles to it to reach more people or write your journal in a more casual way. Through this tip, you’ll learn how to be your own critic and post more quality videos and riveting storytelling.

4. Use high-quality photos/videos. Since you’re traveling don’t bother using stock photos instead, use your own photos to make it more personal and sincere. On the other hand, when you use videos, it can be more tricky because you have to plan the places to shoot and what videos are filtered or not. With this, maybe you can use stock videos for transition or for when you are creating a short film of your travel. Either way, you must take into account how the video or photo is uploaded to your site. No to low-quality!

6. Keep it professional. Since being a digital nomad means earning from your content produced. You must still remain focused. This means, creating your plan. When you go to a particular place, what do you shoot? When will you shoot it? What location is important for you and your viewers? Your boss is you and you must be accountable for the things you post. Apart from this is being consistent especially once you’ve grown your following, people would want to hear more from you and your experiences!

In conclusion,  producing travel content is the heart of your career.  It might take time to gain traction, but eventually, it would. You can also learn different ways to promote your content. Take note that quality over quantity is the ultimate key in content creation. You can do this by reading other people’s works and studying the craft of storytelling will give you a fresh perspective on what to share with your audience!

All in all, blogging and vlogging offer a great opportunity to share your work that is both informative and motivating for others. This way, you would be able to create a steady income from just simply documenting the things you love most.