Bamboo Clothing In Australia- A Sustainable Clothing Choice

Bamboo Clothing In Australia- A Sustainable Clothing Choice

With growing awareness about the significance of environment conservation, many technologies have come up that help preserve the already fragile environment. The fashion and apparel sector has also embraced new technologies that develop eco-friendly and sustainable fashion products. Bamboo clothing in Australia is one such trend that fashion designers are whole-heartedly accepting all across the world. Coming up with apparel made up of bamboo is just one way to give back to the environment. It is a small but sure step towards environmental conservation, protection, and preservation. 

Bamboo and its Use as Fabric

Bamboo is considered one of the world’s tallest and fastest-growing grasses. It has unique growth characteristics making it a valuable resource. It grows at a very fast pace and spreads quickly, thus helping to prevent soil erosion. This grass is grown naturally with no chemicals and pesticides added to it. It makes it a completely eco-friendly and organic resource. Many cultures have used bamboo to meet their furniture and housing requirements. Bamboo has a hard exterior, but its inner part is made up of plant fibres. These plant fibres are processed to make fabric.  

From Ideation to Implementation

When the idea of making fabric from bamboo gained a lot of strength, a new process of fabricating it was developed in 2001 at Beijing University. A lot of research and studies were conducted to streamline this process and make it more refined. Today, clothing made from bamboo fibres finds a well-deserved spot on boutique shelves and departmental stores. 

Bamboo Fabric- Some Facts

The fabric made with bamboo fibres feels like a cross between cashmere and silk. It is a breathable and soft fabric. It is naturally antifungal and antibacterial as it contains the Kun substance from bamboo. Thus, it is now possible to wear clothes that resist insects and pests and are comfortable on the body. Even when the fibres of bamboo are under processing, these natural properties are not lost. Later also, the fabric retains all these properties despite repeated washings.

Adapt to Changes in Season

The bamboo clothing keeps the wearer cool in summers and warm in winters. It wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping the skin feeling dry, odour-free, and fresh. The cloth also keeps air circulation going, so the wearer feels comfortable in these apparel. For these unique properties, clothing made up of bamboo fibers is recommended to people with sensitive skins and allergies. 

Easy to Maintain

Bamboo clothing is simple and easy to care for and maintain. No special maintenance or care like bleaching or dry cleaning is required for these clothes. Just drop it in the washing machine and run a delicate washing cycle. Set low to spin dry these clothes. Thus, no added effort and time is required to maintain these clothes. 

Range of Options

A wide range of bamboo clothing options is available these days. Choose from tees, jackets, sleepwear to socks, shorts, tops, and dresses in stylish and trendy designs. Depending on the occasion, choose from among casual, stylish, or dressy options available at reasonable prices. Bamboo fabric has evolved with time and has come a long way to be accepted and lovingly embraced by eco-friendly advocates. 

If you are a nature-friendly, eco-friendly person, bamboo clothing in Australia is the way to go. Save the environment while making a style statement.

Author Bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.  

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash.