Four Ways Animals Can Cause Blocked Drains

Four Ways Animals Can Cause Blocked Drains

Sydney is located in the southeastern coastal region of Australia right along Jackson Bay. The city is best known for its iconic landmarks which are the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Sydney is also known for having pristine beaches and surf sports. Sydney is also Australia’s largest and most populous city. Because Sydney is located in Australia, the city also has its share of wildlife that may interfere with the daily lives of residents. 

Both wild and domesticated animals may contribute to problems such as clogged drain pipes. In most cases, these animals may cause water and drain pipes to get blocked to a point where you will need to hire the services of cleaners of blocked drains in Sydney. Here are four ways that animals can cause blockage to your home’s water pipes:

They Get Stuck Within the Pipes. There have been instances where snakes have slithered their way into the water pipes of Australian toilets to get away from the heatwave. Since most drain pipe systems are connected to a ventilation pipe on the roof to regulate air pressure, snakes and other animals can slither or crawl their way through the pipes. Some of the animals may end up getting stuck in the pipes and die, causing the pipes to be clogged. 

They Make Nests that Clogged Up the System. Animals such as birds may also make their nests inside drain pipes or vents. These nests, when created directly on top of vents, may affect the air pressure inside the drainage system, causing backups, changing the water pressure, or causing serious clogs. 

They May Chew on Plastic Pipes. Larger wild animals such as rodents may chew on plastic drain pipes to cause leaks and other damages, especially to older and weakened pipes. Animal movements within the walls of the homes may cause dents in metal pipes which may restrict the flow of water, increasing the chances of clogging. While this problem may be more suited to a pest control expert to prevent animals from gnawing your pipes; the damages already done to the pipes will require the services of experts cleaning blocked drains in Sydney. 

Their Hairs and Fur can Clog Drains and Pipes. Domesticated pets may also contribute to clogged drains through the hair or fur that they are shedding. When you regularly bathe your pets in your tubs, the hair that they shed may go down the drain along with your hair. These accumulated hairs, when allowed to flow into the pipes, may get stuck in pipe junctions. Over time, these combined hairs can cause a major clog that will not budge with ordinary de-clogging methods and solutions. You can prevent fallen hair and fur from flowing into the drain pipes by installing drain filters. 

Installing screens over the drain pipe system’s air vents can easily prevent clogs caused by animals. Ensure that the mesh of the screen is large enough to allow proper air circulation but small enough to prevent animals from slithering or crawling into your pipes. 

However, if you are already experiencing reduced water pressure, smelling waste water, and observing backflow; then your pipes may already have become clogged. A cleaner of blocked drains in Sydney may be able to determine whether the cause of the clog is animal-related, fix the clogging problem, and recommend ways to prevent the clog from happening again. 

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