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Accessorizing With Bamboo: Decorating Ideas To Give Your Bathroom A Unique Look

Using well-chosen home accessories can effectively transform a small space, such as a bathroom. Nowadays, some of the most popular bathroom accessories are made of premium materials like marble and brass, but there’s also a growing demand for eco-friendly accessories made from bamboo. Not only are bamboo accessories easy to maintain, but they’re also durable and can last for many years. There’s also the fact that bamboo products are attractive, and they’re inexpensive so they’re ideal for homeowners who are on a tight budget.  

Moreover, bamboo can help to create a healthy and sustainable home since studies show that bamboo products can be carbon negative over their lifetime. Bamboo is also mold, bacteria, and mildew resistant, which makes it perfect to use in bathrooms. If you want to give your shower space a unique look, here are some ideas to decorate your bathroom with bamboo. 

Switch out Tiles with Bamboo Wall Panels

To give your bathroom a Zen vibe, consider switching out the toilet wall tiles with bamboo wall panels. This type of wall covering is amazing since it gives bathrooms a modern and minimalist feel. Most wall panels have good moisture resistance, but ones made of bamboo are best used in a powder room or your bathroom’s toilet area to make the most of this decorative material. For the shower, consider panels made of PVC, laminate, acrylic, or MDF since they’re watertight and are less likely to crack. To decorate with bamboo wall panels, consider creating an accent wall in your bathroom, or place them on the wall where your mirror is installed. 

Install a Bamboo Ceiling Fan

Installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom is a great way to improve air circulation and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. But if you don’t like the look of an exhaust fan, try installing a bamboo ceiling fan instead. It’s an excellent way to show off a high ceiling or a bathroom with lots of space. Choose a fan with short blades in a natural or dark color, or one that comes with a light to maximize its function. 

Use a Bamboo Ladder as a Towel Rack

Instead of installing another towel rack, why not use a bamboo ladder for your towels instead? A standard bamboo ladder that you can lean on a wall looks pretty, and it gives your bathroom an Instagrammable feel. Meanwhile, a freestanding bamboo towel rack is safer than a ladder, so it’s best for families with young kids or elderly members. Display your ladder or rack with a little bamboo stool and a bamboo hamper for maximum visual impact. Don’t forget to switch out small bathroom accessories, such as toothbrush holders, soap and lotion dispensers, cotton buds and cotton ball containers, and tissue holders for ones that are made of bamboo or wood for a cohesive look. 

Adding bamboo accessories to your bathroom can enhance the serene feel of your space and give it an interesting look. Consider these decorating ideas to beautify your bathroom with bamboo. 

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy