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6 Eco-Friendly Baby Room Ideas

When you’re about to welcome your little bundle of joy, the whole world around you is about to utterly twist and turn. From finding the right stroller to decorating the nursery adequately, it takes time and effort to make things perfect. As every parent you only want what’s best for your baby, hence resorting to an eco-conscious baby room is a good way to start. The nursery should contain only non-toxic products, organic toys, and all-natural items that will make the space more beautiful while looking after mother nature. If you’re wondering how to create such green and wonderful ambient, here are some eco-friendly nursery ideas to room

  1. Embrace water-based paint

Going ecologically has never been easier, and the best way to transform a baby’s room is to paint the walls in odour-free, zero VOC paint. As, unfortunately, much conventional paint contains toxins and chemicals that can be hazardous for the baby’s health and environment, you have to resort to eco-friendly ones. Safer alternatives are natural, water-based, and maximally low on off-gasses which don’t harm anyone. The best thing about those paints is that they come in a wide variety of colours so you can still stick to your wanted nursery theme.brown kid toy

2. Choose solely organic fabrics and materials

Baby’s skin is so gentle and soft that you must ensure that the things the baby gets in direct contact with are comfortable, organic, and of top-notch quality. To keep a baby’s environment safe and completely non-toxic during their most vital developmental years, the bedding, pillows, sheets, and lounger must be out of the finest material. Find products that are hypoallergenic, breathable, and eco-friendly like Snuggle Me Organic lounger which is made of organic cotton that protects the baby against any harmful effects of allergy-causing synthetic materials.child wearing yellow hat

3. Opt for green amenities

When it comes to baby essentials, there are a few eco-friendly things a young mom can easily implement to both save some money and stick to your eco-friendly route. One of the most productive and even lucrative ways to go green is going for cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. There are also eco-friendly disposable diapers on the market if you strive to go all in. Other alternatives include getting organic baby clothing, stainless steel, or glass feeding bottles instead of BPA-free ones because no matter what the producers claim, plastic is still playing with rubber duck

4. Get re-usable or multi-purpose furniture

Amongst numerous items that a nursery has to contain, a changing table and a crib are a must. Instead of having to throw away the crib the moment the baby gets too big for it, choose a consider crib that can later be used as a bed or sofa. Next, as your baby will eventually also overgrow its changing table, opt for transforming a large chest or a vintage dresser and just add a new changing tray on top. Let the furniture transition with the baby, and by re-using them you’ll save a few bucks as well as keeping a steady mind on mother nature.child sleeping in the bed

5. Keep a watchful eye on the labels

Nowadays, most companies state they are solely selling “green” products. For parents who are striving to embellish the baby’s room with eco-friendly products, everything from the material to the packaging must be transparent. If a company is producing non-toxic or organic products, the label must be clear and precise, stating what were the ingredients used to make the product. Babies have extremely sensitive skin, and unless the companies issue the right certificate of quality for, for instance, a mattress, you as a parent have the right to ask for a refund.

6. Consider a DIY option

Not all moms are crafty, but once you see what wonderful environmentally friendly things you can make yourself for your nursery, you’ll immediately start practising. From knitted toys and simple wooden storage boxes to reed diffusers, there are many simple DIY alternatives you can try out and get the best sustainable option for the room. In the end, any DIY project will undoubtedly help you save some money which is also quite important as you’re about to have a new human that demands a lot of your time, attention, and yes, money.

To give your nursery an exquisite look, choose items that appeal to you while also choosing natural, quality, eco-friendly products.

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