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How To Make Your Trip To London More Sustainable

London is a magnificent city to visit for a variety of reasons. London is the United Kingdom’s
answer to New York City as there is so much to do and see.
It is a great weekend away and one everyone should have on their bucket list. However,
something you have to be aware of is that it is one of the busiest cities in the world, so you can
spend most of the time travelling if you are in a car. Anyway, let’s get right into how you can
make your weekend getaway in London a sustainable trip and become a better traveller.
Where To Stay In London To Make Your Trip Eco-Friendly
If you are going for one night or a long weekend, you need a place to stay. Finding sustainable
hotels in city centres like London is difficult and expensive. Nonetheless, there are some
inexpensive hotels in and around London. Moreover, you need to be aware of the hotels which
claim they are sustainable but are not.
The Nadler – Near Kensington Gardens
The Nadler, near Kensington gardens, is a little out of Central London, although Kensington is a
great place to visit. Furthermore, this fantastic hotel is only 17 minutes away from Kensington
Gardens which is a wonderful walk for your Sunday morning. Kensington isn’t too far away from
the city centre either so you can make your way there.
The Zetter Townhouse – Central London
The Zetter Townhouse has been redesigned and is another sustainable hotel. Furthermore, it is
a hotel located in Central London. It is more expensive than the average hotel in London but
worth every penny. Nonetheless, it is more affordable than other hotels which claim to be
sustainable in this area. Finally, The Zetter offers free bike rental which is a much more efficient
way of travelling around London.
Places To Eat Sustainably In London
Now, we look at the sustainable restaurants in London you can visit on your break away. It is
something which London does well. Not to mention that the cuisines in London are full of
different cultures. Furthermore, there are many sustainable restaurants to eat at in the capital so
let’s take a look at a couple of them.
With restaurants located in central London and East London, Farmer-J is one of many
sustainable restaurants loved by Londoners and tourists. One of the main reasons many people
from out of the city visit this restaurant is because it became a bit of a trend on Tiktok. Moreover,
they say their packaging is 90% biodegradable, another great reason to visit this fabulous
The Fat Badger
Next is the Fat Badger, another sustainable restaurant which is a much-visit for your weekend
getaway. The meals at the restaurant are unique and packed with flavour and, it sources its
foods from local farms around the city centre, including supporting local butchers. If you are
planning your visit to London. It should be included for your things to do once you arrive as it is
a must-visit and has all kinds of fruit and vegetables which are organically sourced.
Travelling Around London
Travelling in London can be difficult at times, especially at the weekend when the city is at its
busiest. Public transport is the best way to get around the city centre. Additionally, there are
other ways to travel around London. For example, people cycle in and around the city centre as
this is much easier.
If you are travelling from far away, you may want to park your car. For example, consider
Knightsbridge parking if you are staying in the city centre. That way, you can leave your car
there and use the Knightsbridge train station to get around London, which is a much more
eco-friendly option than travelling by car, and it’s also more cost effective as you will get charged
congestion charges!
London is a great place to visit for your weekend getaway as there are so many things to do
once you are. Furthermore, making your trip to London sustainable may be difficult, however, as
soon as you know where to eat and stay as well as travelling, your holiday will be a green one