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5 Steps Closer To Have A More Sustainable Beauty Industry

Fortunately, when it comes to beauty products we buy every day, people are becoming more and more aware that we have to be sustainable. Organic and natural ingredients have become more popular as people have realized that they not only have a positive effect on their health but also make a big difference for the environment. Both consumers and brands are now aware of the materials used in products, and how manufacturing can make less of an effect on the planet. More and more brands are responding to the want of vegan, organic and eco-friendly products. If you are interested in becoming a part of this and saving the earth while using healthier products, here is how the beauty industry is becoming more sustainable and what you can do to make a difference. 


Using Recycled Packaging

Something that most brands are substituting to be more sustainable are reusable bottles. But that is not all. Consumers also play a big part by recycling and reusing the bottles that they would normally throw out and pollute. There are a lot of various creative ways you can reuse empty bottles, such as using them to plant flowers, holding your makeup brushes and so on. Doing things so simple plays a big part as it keeps all the containers or landfills.


Adopting The Organic And Sustainable Movement

No one wants harsh chemicals and toxins in their everyday makeup products. We all want to have products with the best ingredients that will make your skin and hair look amazing. Since 2014 the organic market has grown 20 per cent, and every day there are more and more consumers who choose organic products. Organic and vegan products are not only free of harmful chemicals, but they are much safer for the environment. Make it your goal to slowly create a sustainable makeup routine.


Think About Cutting Out Disposable Makeup Wipes

What sustainable means when it comes to the beauty industry is that you choose not to use toxic and wasteful products. One of the things that people don’t realize how wasteful they are is makeup wipes. You use them once, and you throw them away immediately after. Another thing that we don’t realize is that all of the used wet wipes are left to sit in a landfill, and they are there forever as they are not biodegradable. That is also why many cosmetic products suppliers in Australia will opt for a more sustainable makeup wipe option. One of the best sustainable alternatives to makeup wipes is reusable cloth rounds, which can be used forever instead of throwing away thousands of makeup wipes because you can wash them easily. Being sustainable is also a great way to save some money as you won’t be constantly buying makeup wipes.


Businesses Are Using Renewable Energy

As we have mentioned above, a lot of brands are taking an eco-friendly approach to their products and their manufacturing. They are using natural ingredients as well as using renewable energy sources to create the products.


Putting The Environment First

The beauty industry and its consumers are taking sustainable trend courses, and people want the best and healthiest ingredients. The manufacturers, therefore, are providing them. Many companies such as Lush have proved that creating the best quality products with high-quality ingredients can be done eco-friendly. Having a green policy means that the company does not test on animals. They don’t use toxic and harmful ingredients. Also, they try to decrease their waste production and the amount of energy they use. In fact, people ought to realise that toxic deodorants, perfumes and hair sprays have detrimental effects on the environment. They are polluting the air as much as car emissions are. It has been proven that all chemically scented products emit the same amount of chemical vapours as cars. That is because both contain VOCs, and when they mix with other chemicals in the atmosphere, they harm the environment. That is why it is super important that you choose as many clean and organic products as you can to protect the environment.

A vital thing that you need to realize is that products that are made without toxins don’t just benefit you. They also have positive effects on the environment, and you make a difference in the world by choosing them. Start small and make one change at a time, and you will still make a difference. Stay focused on your green goals and take one step at a time.

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