Top 5 Applications of Crackled Glass That Look Amazing

Top 5 Applications of Crackled Glass That Look Amazing

Very few types of glass are as unique and elegant as crackled glass. This is by no mistake. The glass itself is not nearly as common as some other types of glass, such as annealed glass, tempered glass, or tinted glass.

Crackled glass uses a very precise method of manufacturing to get it just right. Once the glass is molten hot, the craftsman will dip the glass quickly into freezing water. This extreme temperature change causes the glass to crack. From there, it is reheated, which puts a sealant over the cracks and reinforces the glass’s strength and structure. The result is a beautiful sheet of glass that appears to have cracks within it, but cracks that are tightly sealed for a unique and cherished look.

This is the way crackled glass has been made for hundreds of years, and to this day, it is one of the most sought-after types of glass for collectors and decorators alike. Crackled glass, when light shines on it, gives a reflection that cannot be matched by typical other glass. The crackled glass almost sparkles like diamonds.

Over the years, crackled glass has been adapted into many different uses. If you want to add elegance to your home by incorporating crackled glass into your décor, here are the top applications that will look amazing.

1. Dining Room Table & Coffee Table

One school of design says to use your most beautiful pieces of décor or furniture front and center so that they are the focal points of the room. To do this with crackled glass, consider getting a dining room table or coffee table. Each of these pieces of furniture is typically positioned in the center of their respective rooms so that they catch the eyes of all onlookers.

When using crackled glass as a tabletop, it causes a reflection of light that looks similar to crystals, which will surely bring a presence of elegance to any room. Tables are important to bring the entire room together—what better way to do so than by using crackled glass to top it off? If your living room or dining room already has a stylish charm to it, but you are looking for one final upgrade to bring it to perfection, look to crackled glass tables.

2. Windows for Privacy & Elegance

Typically, people choose clear glass for windows. That is a practical application for clear glass. However, certain windows are less important to see clearly through and are more important for style and allowing light to enter. That is when crackled glass is the perfect solution.

Crackled glass windows allow plenty of light pass through, so that your interior rooms can remain well lit. Rather than a plain—and fairly boring—look, they create a sophisticated, artistic view into the exterior. In a way, crackled glass windows are less so windows and more so an extension of the interior design of the room.

For rooms that are well designed and need natural light to exhibit their beauty, but would also benefit from a certain degree of added privacy, crackled glass windows are the perfect solution. Rare, unique, and brilliant, adding crackled glass to your windows will add the subtle beauty that many rooms simply cannot seem to achieve.

3. Decorative Door Designs

Your front door, or any door to your house, is the first thing people see as they enter your home. Because of this, it should be paid extra attention when it comes to design. One way to make a standard wooden or metal front door look beautiful is to add glass. One way to take that look one step further—to stunning—is to make that glass crackled.

As an outdoor-facing surface, doors are constantly being exposed to sunlight. When that light reflects off the crackled glass designs, the sparkle will look like diamonds are embedded into the door. The beauty of the front door, which not only creates a better overall appearance for the house but also help increase its value, would blow all neighbors, guests, and passersby away.

4. Convert Ordinary Mirrors to Decorative Pieces

Mirrors are a great way to add style to a room. Sometimes, though, inexperienced home decorators fall into the trap of thinking that any mirror will do. The reality is that some mirrors are better suited for certain functionalities, such as LED mirrors in bathrooms, and others are better suited for adding to the aesthetic of the home.

For prominently placed mirrors that are serving as stylish décor, adding a crackled glass border will do wonders for the look. Mirrors are already known for their shine, and the crackled glass mirror will highlight that feature.

5. Kitchen Backsplash Becomes Glamorous

Kitchen backsplashes, whether most homeowners realize it or not, can make or break the entire look of a nice kitchen. After all, kitchens are one of the most used rooms in the entire house, and backsplashes, in particular, serve two important purposes: To protect the walls from water, grease, or other substances that could splash onto the walls, and to keep the room looking beautiful.

You have probably walked into kitchens that have been renovated with new countertops and cabinets, perhaps even a new sink. However, if the backsplash does not match the same quality as the rest of the kitchen, then the entire style is thrown off.

An easy solution to this dilemma is to install crackled glass backsplashes, which will make your kitchen look glamorous. Not only will the crackled glass add elegance to the look of the kitchen, but also they are very easy to clean. That is truly the best of both worlds—a stylish feature that cuts down on the amount of time and money spent on maintenance. Too often homeowners and designers try to use common ceramic, stone, wood, or laminate backsplashes that either dirty easily or wear down over time. Avoid those hassles with crackled glass.

Final Thoughts

One of the added benefits of using crackled glass in a kitchen backsplash is its flexibility and adaptability to various designs. Some homeowners use crackled glass as the entire backsplash, and some simply use it in combination with a tiled design, to add a touch of sparkle to an otherwise fairly basic look.

Regardless of how it is used, if you are looking for an easy yet amazing addition to your house’s design, look to one of these five applications for crackled glass to help make your home more elegant than ever.

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