A Quick Guide on Waterproof Shade Sails

A Quick Guide on Waterproof Shade Sails

Waterproof shade sails are an effortless way to get some shade on your exposed patio or deck, as well as add an attractive colour. However, you need to know several things about shade sails before purchasing one.

If you seek to add some shade to your outdoors, a shade sail might be an excellent solution. These sails not only block out harmful UV rays and sunlight but also add a perfect and elegant design element to your yard.

What is a shade sail, and how does it function?

Waterproof shade sails are a type of coverage that is engineered from durable outdoor fabric. It provides maximum protection from the sun. Shade sails are typically installed by stretching out the fabric and affixing the shade’s corners to mount points. These points can be a pergola, post, tree, or even a wall. Shade sails, compared to other types of shades, are considered more affordable and versatile. It can be positioned to a rigid structure roof. Shade sails come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colours and can fit any style aesthetics.

Of course, the optimum benefit of a shade sail is protection from UV rays. Shade sails block as much as 95% of harmful rays. If your goal is absolute protection from the sun, you must get a heavy fabric. A tight weave and dark colours will block a majority of the UV rays.

You might also want your shade sail to block out the rain. Keep in mind that not all shade sails are waterproof. A light sprinkle of rain will effortlessly roll off the shade, so it is critical to install the shade at an angle. Once there is heavier rain, water will trickle through the shades because it is engineered from breathable and woven fabric. It allows the air to pass and keeps the shaded area extremely cool. If your goal is optimal rain protection, you must look around for shades specifically engineered to be waterproof.

Different types of Shade sails

There are numerous designs of shade sails. However, the standard designs are triangle shape, square-shape, and rectangle shape. There will be combinations of styles, insulation techniques, as well as colours. In many cases, the triangle shade sails will offer the least amount of coverage. However, they are easy to install into awkward or tight spaces. You can also layer numerous shades for additional coverage. You might again do this to increase the style quotient.

You can even have your shade sail customised for your patio or deck.

Good to Understand

  • Shade sails are versatile and can be installed almost anywhere. 
  • The breathable fabric allows the cool breeze to flow through the shades. It helps lower the temperature beneath.
  • It allows for UV rays and rain protection.
  • Shade sails are more affordable compared to installing a solid structure. 


Shade sails are a superb solution if you want a quick way to add some wow factor and shade to your outdoors. It is the ideal way to enjoy the outdoors irrespective of sun or rain. However, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines to make sure that they will last for the long-term.

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