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Sustainability in Business: How You Can Be More Sustainable in Terms of Marketing and Communication

Our planet is in danger! While some people try to live in an eco-friendly manner, we can’t help ourselves but ask: what about businesses?! Digitalization helps us preserve some of the natural resources, while it wastes others. On the other hand, traditional businesses destroy nonrenewable resources crucial for our planet.

A similar concept can be applied to marketing. When it comes to advertising, digital marketing is extremely popular, but is it the best choice at all times? So, the ultimate question is: which is more sustainable- digital or traditional marketing?

What is digital marketing and how does it help the planet?

If you’re in the business world, a single day doesn’t pass by without hearing the words “digital marketing”. While many people already know what it includes, some are oblivious to its full potential. All the websites, content, internet ads, social media, and many more can be included in the digital marketing strategy. But how does it truly help our planet?

The obvious answer is: it doesn’t spend physical resources, such as water and paper! As there is no physical form of digital marketing, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced. On top of that, a lot of younger people have developed eco-awareness, which means they opt for businesses that use sustainable strategies!

What is traditional marketing and what are its benefits?

While digital marketing is a fantastic way of reaching a global audience, it is only limited to the online world. Unlike digital marketing, traditional marketing includes both impactful billboards and memorable broadcasting via television and radio, which allows you to connect with a local audience. After all, locals are more likely to become your loyal customers!

When it comes to benefits, besides the mentioned, traditional marketing leaves a longer-lasting impact on potential customers. It is a permanent way of reminding your customers of your existence. On top of that, it provides your company with credibility. Anyone can create a Facebook business page, but can everyone afford a billboard or a radio commercial?

Downsides of digital marketing for sustainability

Digital marketing has numerous benefits, from reaching a wider audience to spending fewer natural resources. Additionally, it’s a more affordable solution that is sustainable for our planet. However, it has some downsides as well. Sadly, digital marketing and overall digitalization lead to more e-waste that is extremely harmful to the planet.

A huge amount of data is produced daily via digital marketing. That type of data is valuable for businesses, but over time it becomes obsolete. Instead of deleting, data needs to be safely and securely stored, which requires additional backups and stronger servers. Since technology changes quickly, companies that try to keep up are prone to producing e-waste. Gadgets like actual servers, mobile phones, laptops, and similar are hard to recycle, yet they are a necessary means of distributing our digital marketing.

Cons of traditional marketing for our planet

Just like the benefits, traditional marketing comes with a lot of disadvantages, especially when it comes to eco-friendliness. Even though billboards, leaflets, and catalogs are impactful and effective for the local audience, they produce a lot of waste, and we’re not only talking about the paper! Since they are used in both marketing and communication, companies need to come up with a different approach.

Many businesses use leaflets, in-mail marketing, and catalogs to promote their services, open positions, and even inform their employees about happenings at the company. This wastes paper, ink, printers, and a lot of energy and time! Instead, businesses should opt for intranet solutions for internal communication and information, while other means of traditional marketing, such as radio, are more sustainable for promoting open positions and services.

Choosing what works for you

Taking the above written into consideration, you may have a question about sustainability and marketing. On one hand, you need to advertise your company to make it successful, but on the other, nothing seems sustainable enough for an eco-aware individual such as yourself. There is no simple answer to this issue.

Whether you opt for the combination of digital and traditional marketing or just one or two, be mindful of your strategies. Use them in moderation and continuously think about the ways you can improve your marketing strategy so it can become more sustainable! After all, your business deserves recognition, so use marketing wisely.

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