Lavender Soap & Bamboo Dish with Sisal Bag Gift Set


Luxurious and exquisite addition to your daily skincare routine that unlocks the moisture and boosts inner glow. Enriched with Lavender that brightens and fills your day with sensational sweet fragrance. Refreshing and calming soap with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients to give you a boost of glow, freshness and hydration. The soothing and calming properties of Lavender relaxes your nerves and reduces the stress.


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  • Improves skin complexion
  • Provides rich hydration
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, oily and acne prone
  • Provides instant glow and brightness
  • Chemical-Free

How to Use:

Apply on wet skin, rub gently in circular motions for few seconds and rinse away. Use twice daily to get brighter and younger looking skin.

Key Ingredient:


Lavender miraculously unclog pores and reduces skin inflammation. It assists to prevent acne and soothes irritated skin. It’s non-comedogenic properties make it perfect to tighten pores and gives a youthful glow. Lavender is tremendously efficacious in preventing acne and breakouts.

Gift Set:

Are you thinking about a perfect gift to surprise your loved ones? So your search is over because we have a perfect solution for you. We have enclosed our most demanding Lavender Soap & Bamboo Dish with Sisal Bag to make a complete, attractive and cost effective gift set.

What you will get?

This gift set is a complete package that contains Lavender Soap, Bamboo Soap Dish and Sisal Soap Bag.

Lavender Soap:

Enriched with Lavender to brighten your day with the boost of glow and radiance. Carefully formulated with 100% natural ingredients by keeping in view the sensitivity and delicacy of the skin.

Bamboo Soap Dish:

Bamboo Soap Dish is made with 100% pure and natural bamboo. It’s totally organic and biodegradable that makes it eco-friendly. It’s adorned with three drainage gaps in the middle that keeps the soap dry.

Sisal Soap Bag:

Sisal soap bag gently exfoliates the dead skin cells to bless you with soft and supple skin. Its delicate and porous design effectively removes the dead skin.