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Indoor Inspo: 7 Tips for a Plant-Friendly Home

If you keep seeing gorgeous interiors full of stunning plants on social media, you might be tempted to start adding some greenery to your home and up its visual appearance in this way. You are in luck, as it should not be difficult to create such an environment in your living quarters. Keep on reading for some useful tips that will help you in your room with green plant

Find the right plants for your level of expertise

First of all, you need to find the right plants. If you are a novice when it comes to taking care of houseplants, you want to opt for some low-maintenance, hard-to-kill plants. Once you’ve conquered these, you can take it up a notch and try out something more challenging. With that in mind, start with some succulents and cacti, dracaena species, ZZ plant, and pothos as they are typically recommended to beginners. On the other hand, if you feel up to the task, you can consider croton, elephant’s ear, tradescantia, bird’s nest fern, and fiddle-leaf fig tree.

Make sure you can provide your plants with the optimal conditions

Besides choosing plants according to your level of expertise, you should also keep in mind the conditions they require. If your home gets little sunlight during the day, you need to look for some low-light varieties like ferns, spider plant, and lucky bamboo. Moreover, if you tend to be rather busy and think you might forget about watering them, ponytail palm, sago palm, snake plant, cast iron plant, and aloe are all good choices to add to your home.choosing best plant

Place plants strategically around the home

As plants come in a wide array of species, you have an opportunity to spread them all over your home. So, introduce plants into every room. For example, for the bathroom, you can get a variety that tolerates high humidity and low light and enhance the space in no time. Then, as there is evidence that being surrounded by nature can make us more productive, you should add a plant or two to your home office. Plants like aloe and orchids release oxygen during the night, so you can place them in your bedroom to improve your quality of sleep. Finally, strategically positioned plants can even create a privacy screen, break up a room into separate areas, or fill an empty corner.

Put some colourful plants into the mix

indoor plantsWhile you can choose to stick to the only greenery and choose plants that are all the same shade of green, you can also make it lively and colourful. If you want a playful space, you’re in for a treat as houseplants come in a variety of colours. From red, pink, and purple to white and silver, foliage comes in many different hues, so you should have no issue when it comes to creating a cheerful space. You can also get some that produce gorgeous blooms. On the other hand, if you opt against growing plants that bloom, you can always order some flower arrangements online and have them complete the look of the space. Whether you opt for roses, lilacs, chrysanthemums, or carnations, you will not go wrong.

Pick plants of different sizes

suculent plantIn addition to colour, you can also make the space more dynamic by choosing houseplants of different sizes. For example, grouping plants that differ in width, height, or leaf shape will create an organic look. With that in mind, you can combine a tall, wide palm with some shorter varieties like snake plants. Then, you can have a shelf with a trailing plant like pothos and another plant that grows upwards like a cactus, for instance. While grouping plants based on height is not desirable, you can group them in other ways, such as the density of their leaves, as then the whole setup will look more natural.

Use odd numbers when arranging plants

Another trick to keep in mind when arranging plants is grouping them in an odd number. The reasoning behind this is that it will simply look more casual as the symmetry of even numbers makes the arrangement more formal. A classic combo is three plants but you can use any number that fits the space you are working with.

Further, decorate with interesting pots

Other than bringing in some colour through foliage and blooms, you can also spice things up with interesting pots. This is not at all a difficult task as options in terms of planters abound. Whether you look in a local store, browse online, or choose to make your pots, you can easily boost the visual appeal of any room with this easy hack. From monochrome and patterned to wooden and concrete all the way to floor and hanging ones, picking just a few might be the most challenging bit of this project.

Hopefully, these seven tips inspired you to create your indoor oasis. From picking the right plants to learning how to arrange them, keep these things in mind for a plant-friendly home.

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