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How to Promote Environmental Sustainability at Work

Environmental sustainability is something that many companies espouse that they support. If you want to do the same, you might be curious how you can walk the talk.

Don’t worry because we are here to share how you can promote environmental sustainability at work!

Introduce Green Initiatives

Green initiatives within the workplace are one way to enforce sustainability.

You can start by having a recycling program or joining one in your locality. The most famous green initiative is participating in an annual tree-planting event.

You can pitch these green initiatives so that your company can have an annual budget dedicated to these green initiatives. Doing your research before you commit to these initiatives will help ensure that the impact of your ambitions is not just at face value.

At Maid Sailors Hoboken Cleaning Service, we recommend that you start using green cleaning products and tools. For one, replacing your chemical-laden all-purpose cleaners is more affordable. Second, it makes sustainability more approachable.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Conserving energy is another effective way to be more sustainable at work. At the same time, you’re also going to save money because you reduce energy wastage in the workplace.

Therefore, finding ways to be more efficient with everyone’s energy consumption at home is a good start.

It doesn’t have to be a massive shift. Something as simple as making sure that lights are turned off in vacant rooms or unplugging unused electronic devices can help reduce energy consumption.

You can also reduce wasted energy by converting old light bulbs to LED light bulbs if you haven’t yet. They can light up a room better without using too much power and last for a longer time.

Conserve Water

Aside from reducing energy consumption, you should also find a way to conserve water in the workplace.

Toilets and faucets are the most frequent culprits when it comes to excessive water consumption. Instead of getting an older toilet model, it’s best to look for low-flow toilets that will use a lot less water for flushing.

You can also opt for a water-saving faucet that uses a lot less water flow, so you aren’t unnecessarily wasting water. Regardless, it is still ideal not to leave the tap on when they’re not in use.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

recycle app

Reduce, reuse and recycle or the 3Rs have been a talking point for sustainability for a long time and a good reason. If you practice the 3Rs, you reduce the waste you produce and let it into the waste system. That’s why it’s ideal to practice the 3Rs wherever you are.

You can reduce some of the waste that you produce by incorporating more reusable elements in your workplace. For example, instead of having single-use utensils in the office pantry, get reusable ones. You can encourage your employees to clean their food containers and utensils in the kitchen sink.

You should also train everyone in the office to recycle to know how to properly throw their trash if you have recycling bins in the office.

Avoid Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics are a severe issue. It may seem like a minimal step, but it would be best to reduce your consumption of single-use plastics.

For example, instead of having water bottles around, encourage everyone to bring a reusable water bottle. You can then set up a water refilling station for these reusable bottles, which is more convenient and less taxing on the environment.

Promote Telecommuting

In the past few years, many workplaces have resorted to their workers working at home instead of the office. Some people have thrived in it while others haven’t. But one thing that you can say about telecommuting is that it’s more eco-friendly.

That’s because fewer employees have had to drive their cars or contribute to the consumption of fossil fuels to be able to get to work.

That’s why it’s a good idea to encourage telecommuting to those who need it. For example, some parents might want to take a week where they work from home. Don’t hinder them as long as they’re able to do the work they need to submit.

Go Digital

Reducing paper use as a modern workforce is much more possible now than it was even just ten years ago. Thus, try to go digital with documents to reduce paper consumption in your workplace as much as possible.

What’s great about digital documents is that they’re more convenient anyway because you can access them from anywhere at any time.

Invest in Office Plants

Office plants, and live ones at that, are an excellent way to liven up the look of the workplace in a more sustainable manner.

No one can deny that the presence of plants and greeneries around the office provides a refreshing look. It can also be a great way to relieve stress and make people feel more productive.

With that said, you should invest in office plants around the office that you know will be able to last indoors for a while. Also, make sure that you can take care of the plants that you have in the office. Dead plants, of course, are not motivating to be around.

Support Green Vendors

You can promote environmental sustainability at work by supporting more green vendors. When you support eco-friendly businesses, you also communicate that you stand by your values.

There are many ways you can support more green vendors at work. But it would be best to do your research first before you transact with them. After knowing more about their business practices, you can then reach out once you know that they are sustainable.

For example, you can work with a supplier that provides recycled paper. Better yet, work with a consultant that can help your company into a paperless office. You can also work with a cleaning company that uses green cleaning methods and products.

These are simple changes that won’t cause much of a hiccup in business operations but will communicate your pledge to sustainability.


Environmental sustainability is a novel goal to aim for. And the cool thing about it is that your first steps do not have to be grand.

Thus, your workplace should be able to fulfill its promise of sustainability, especially with the methods listed above. Try them out yourself so that your workplace can be a green company as soon as possible.


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