House cleaning 101: The best tips used by professionals

House cleaning 101: The best tips used by professionals

Everyone loves to be in an organized and clutter-free home. A messy environment can affect your mood and can cause stress according to science. House cleaning day can however be tricky and exhausting. There is excellent service out there that could take up the whole deal and do a neat job of it. It is always good to know about some of the tricks they use to get rid of that stubborn stain on the floor or dust on the curtains. Making use of these pro tips of excellent service which can make house cleaning day productive and efficient.

Keep the right tools

Traditional tools used in cleaning day can get the work done. There are however newer tools in the market that people may not be aware of yet. One of those tools that can be worth adopting is the microfibre cloth. They are exponentially effective in cleaning than sponges and cloth. These are also reusable, unlike paper napkins. Pop them in the washing machine after use and they are good as new for the next session. Hospitals have also adopted them because they dry quickly and are much resistant to germ growth. A combination of cleaning solution, some white vinegar and the microfiber cloth can work wonders on cleaning day.

Clean it as it happens

The best tip to keep cleaning day sweet and short is to reduce the workload. Do not keep the coffee spill to be taken care of later. Deal with it right at the moment itself. Do the dishes right after the meal. Avoid a huge pile in the kitchen sink at the end of the day. Take the trash out right after it’s filled. Do not keep it around for germs to build up and stinking up the house. Sweep the floor before going to bed. Wake up to a fresh floor in the morning. The basic principle here is to avoid procrastination. Holding up on cleaning duty can cause it to accumulate and can extend the cleaning day causing fatigue and frustration.

Don’t forget the forgotten areas

Recent research has revealed that unexpected areas in homes can harbour germ growth.  The toothpaste holder in the bathroom is the third most vulnerable place to contamination as per new findings. It is also important to point out that dirt and dust can accumulate in the nooks and crevices of the bathroom. It includes the faucet as well as the bathroom cabinet. Always remember not to miss out on these locations in a cleaning session. Move the furniture around when sweeping or washing the floor. Shifting it around can get to the dust and grime trapped under it. Dust trapped under furniture is one of the biggest reason for allergy attacks. Remember to wipe down ceiling fans as well to prevent unexpected dust showers on one fine morning.

Mind your devices

The smartphones in everyone’s pockets can be breeding grounds for microbes. A research team in 2017 successfully obtained dangerous germs like streptococcus and E.coli from phone surfaces used by teenagers. These viruses and bacteria can easily transfer from phones to new surfaces in homes and offices.

It is recommended to wipe down phone surfaces frequently with an alcohol wipe. Do the same for wristwatches, TV remotes, earphones and computer mice. Do remember to check if the materials used on these devices are corrosive to alcohol. If they are, it is better to use a non-alcohol based sanitising fluid.


A clean and tidy house can reduce stress and anxiety. The cleaning process itself can be therapeutic for some. With the pandemic still threatening the daily lives of people, it is the perfect time to pick up the habit of cleaning frequently to protect oneself and love ones.

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