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Green Retirement: Nurturing Nature in Your Golden Years

As you enter retirement, you might consider how your grandchildren will grow up and the type of world they’ll have to explore. If you want to improve the outlook of the planet, you can focus on sustainability during your golden years and show the younger generations how it’s done.

Start Indoors

The first step to creating that more sustainable future is to look around your home. See where you can make positive changes. Start by decluttering and donating what you don’t need. Removing unnecessary items around your house can be incredibly gratifying. Plus, when you donate your clothes, decor, and electronics, you allow others to use what you once had.

It’s a great way to eliminate the need for people to buy brand-new items. That’s good for the environment because the factories that manufacture the new products produce pollution in the process, so cutting down is essential.

Try not to stress over decluttering, and take it one step at a time, beginning with creating a checklist of the rooms you plan to clean, the items you no longer need, and decisions on what can be donated or recycled. If you’re having trouble getting rid of things, think about how often you use, wear, or try them and if you’ll ever use them again. Also, consider the style of your home and decide if these items really fit, or if they’d have a better home elsewhere.

After you declutter each space, clean the counters, walls, and doors, and continue your green retirement mindset by using eco-friendly cleaning products. Avoid products that contain phosphates, which can poison the water supply, and triclosan, which is found in many products labeled as “antibacterial” — it kills algae and causes human health defects.

Get Outside And Garden

Now that you have more time to do things you enjoy, consider going outside. It’s under the sun and in the backyard where you can enjoy nature, have fun, and improve your health. It’s essential that you keep an eye on your mental health later in life as you age. This tends to be the time when many older adults are more isolated or deal with issues like dementia, stress over money, and more.

The best way to help the planet and stay healthy is to plant a garden and grow your own vegetables. Gardening has many benefits for everyone involved, including:

  • Getting physical activity as you crouch, dig, and carry heavy weight.
  • Saving money on gas and transportation necessary to buy vegetables from the store.
  • Reducing the need for pollution-spewing trucks to drive to deliver goods from across the nation.
  • You can grow a great variety of vegetables based on your taste.

On top of all that, the feeling associated with watching a seed you buried grow into an amazing plant and produce food you can eat for sustenance is truly amazing. That feeling of accomplishment is very good for your mental health and your optimism for the future.

You should get outside and enjoy nature whenever you can, even if all that entails is a short walk through the woods. Fitness is essential to the game of life in your golden years. There’s never a time to stop being healthy. Plus, there are other hobbies you can enjoy outside. If you’re looking for something new to do, consider sitting outside to play chess, paint or draw landscapes, and practice yoga.

Provide A Good Example

Finally, it’s essential that you spend your golden years providing an excellent example for your kids and grandchildren about sustainability and all the ways you can help the planet. Start by being smart and researching what you buy and the companies you do and don’t frequent.

Whether you’re buying clothes, food, or anything in between, take the time to research a potential company before you spend money and see how they give back to the environment or if they use recyclable materials or donate items to shelters. Look for carbon-neutral companies that offset their emissions through efforts such as reforestation. By purchasing with those companies, you’re helping people and a planet in need.

You can also set a good example by engaging in activities that help the environment so those who see you will want to do the same. During the weekend, clean a local beach or volunteer at the park. It’s a great way to help the earth while bonding with family and getting the physical exercise you need daily.

Take little sustainable steps every day, and the younger generations will take notice.

Image Source: Unsplash