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Bathroom: All Things To Know For Your Go-Green Model

The perfect example to change the design of your bathroom and upgrade it is to deal with the bathroom vanities in a better way. They have a large impact on the interiors of your house and are quite easy to install. Bathroom vanitiesmostly come as one unit that also includes sinks and are quite eco-friendly as well. There is a large variety of sections that comes under bathroom vanities, for instance, vanities for small bathrooms, modern well-furnished units, and stand-alone vanities. In recent times, people are opting more for eco-friendly vanities that add different colors and flavours to your bathroom. Here are some of the ideas for your recycled vanities countertop.

Go-Green Bathroom Vanities

Countertops are one of the important factors of durable bathrooms as they are always prone to moisture from showers and splashes from taps. In such situations, it becomes important that countertops come with good durability. Green countertops in Bathroom vanitiesadd to such credibility and durability to your bathroom. The best thing is that none of these features would have you compromise on the overall look of your bathroom.

Here are some of the countertops that will let you update and remodel your house now! 

  • Terrazzo – It is 85% recycled glass that is unique, durable, weird, and beautiful. It is the best for your go green model. Every pattern is made from something that is recycled. One such example of bathroom vanitiesis cobalt sky. This cobalt sky is made from recycled vodka glass bottles. Vetrazzo is widely used in hotels; it is quite expensive.
  • Ice Stone – This comprises chunks of small, recycled glass, and they are less vibrant when compared with terrazzo. However, it has its charm and is widely used by people. Ice stone is recycled 100%, and it comprises glass and concrete. It comes in almost 29 different colors, and its surface does not contain or have any petrochemicals. In simpler terms, it means the color will not fade in sunlight.
  • Paperstone – When you go shopping for bathroom vanities for sale, Paperstone countertops will attract you the most as they have a Zen look that attracts customers. Paperstone belongs to that category of countertops that are made from post-recycled paper. These countertops are not for wet surfaces as they are very much prone to water rings. The best place for such countertops is office space or places where there is hardly any water.Go-Green Model
  • Eco by Cosentino – It is one of the most sustainable countertops and is made by the same people who made Silestone. This countertop has become one of the go-to options for many people. Many solid surfaces and countertops use binders that have petroleum, but it is not the case with Cosentino. It has corn oil.

Apart from recycled vanities,we also bring you multiple options that you could choose from your vanity top. They are sustainable and will add life to your space.

Tips For Your Vanity Top Makeover

The best method to have a sustainable bathroom model for your house is by choosing the right material. Here are some of the options that you can choose from in bathroom vanities.

  • Concrete
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Copper
  • Quartz
  • Recycled glass


In short, it is very important to update your vanity when you wish to change or upgrade your house. It adds personality and style to your house. The best part is you can have a new look without replacing the full structure of it. You just have to use fresh paint hardware and go shopping for bathroom vanities.