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From Sustainable Businesses to Sustainable Homes: How to Make Environmentally-Friendly Purchases

The fact that we all need to consciously do our part for the environment is nothing new. We all know that climate change is becoming an increasingly urgent issue to address at an individual, as well as collective level.

Chances are you have already made some sustainable adjustments to your lifestyle. Maybe you eat fewer animal products or opt only for reusable items. But have you stopped to consider how the production of some of these things also contributes to the deterioration of the environment?

To reduce your carbon footprint, you will want to make sure that the products you consume are created as sustainably as possible. Keep reading for tips on how to do so!

Define sustainability

The first step in making more environmentally-conscious purchases is to define sustainability and establish which aspects of it are non-negotiable for you. Broadly speaking, sustainability refers to the efforts of satisfying our current needs without compromising the ecological balance of the planet.

However, sustainability can mean so much more than that. On the one hand, when it comes to production processes, it can mean that care for the environment is prioritized. Yet, it can also refer to ethical labor practices or animal welfare. When purchasing something, make sure to ask yourself whether that product and the company that makes it aligns with your values related to sustainability. 

Do your research

When spending your money on products created by a certain company, consider first looking into which aspects of sustainability they attend to. Unfortunately, you might find that while some businesses prioritize some aspects, they neglect others. For instance, they might be vocal about their care for the environment and at the same time have unethical practices when it comes to their workers.

Nevertheless, there are companies out there that do strive for a holistic approach to sustainability. You just might need to look a bit further to find them before you can purchase the items you want. The research might take a bit more time, but it is worthwhile when you consider your contribution to the environment. 

Shop local

One of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is by supporting local businesses. By investing in locally-sourced products, you lower the demand for shipping, which requires burning fossil fuels.

That said, you might also find that not all local businesses can allow you to address all the aspects of sustainability that matter to you. Maybe most of their packaging is made of plastic or the company is known for not treating its employees fairly. Once again, it all comes down to doing some research so that you can spend your money at a business that shares your values when it comes to sustainability.

Invest in high-quality products

Purchasing items that are durable is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The longer something you own lasts, the less you contribute to the demand for a certain product, which can lower carbon emissions.

While this can be the case for small items like reusable water bottles or quality clothing, making future-oriented investments is also really important when it comes to larger things like household appliances. From your coffee maker to your heating system, buying reliable products that will last for a long time is one of the best ways to reduce your contribution to climate change.

However, it’s important to take into account the fact that some of these investments will cost you more than buying something of a lower quality, regardless of where you live. For instance, new boiler prices in the UK will be higher for long-lasting quality products than for an appliance with a lower lifespan. While more expensive, the planet will thank you for your investment in high-quality products that will last for years to come.

Speak up about sustainable

The surest way to ensure that you can make sustainable purchases is to demand that businesses prioritize sustainable production processes. If you are aware that a company is having a detrimental impact on the environment, speak up about it. Chances are you will not be alone in this.

More and more people today are demanding that businesses, both at a local level, as well as large corporations, make better, more sustainable decisions when it comes to what they produce and how they make it. You can join the conversation and make your voice be heard.

The more we demand, the more we will be able to see changes in the market. This way, we will have the peace of mind that we can spend our money on ethically and sustainably produced items.


Hopefully, these tips have given you some inspiration for how to approach your sustainable purchases from businesses that share your values. As you can see, some of these suggestions will require quite a bit of effort on your part.

However, if you are committed to the welfare of the planet and its future, know that the work you put into making an informed decision about what you buy and where you buy it from can have a significant positive impact on the environment.

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