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How to Décor an Eco-friendly Kitchen With Sustainable Bamboo Items?

How to Décor an Eco-friendly Kitchen With Sustainable Bamboo Items?


Nature is the best way for inner peace. But the growth of infrastructure development is diminishing that spot, impacting our wellbeing. 

We should be more cautious of this fact and ensure maintaining an eco-friendly environment around us.

Many of us are sensible and creative; they started this within their house, such as a kitchen. An eco-friendly kitchen will definitely make a positive impact on you and your family members!

So, here we go. In this post, we will be sharing how to decorate an eco-friendly kitchen with sustainable bamboo items. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

How to Décor an Eco-friendly Kitchen?

For decorating an eco-friendly kitchen, you can choose to use natural items like Bamboo, wood, jute, grass, etc. However, Bamboo is an excellent choice when it comes to bringing an eco-friendly vibe to the kitchen.  

Let’s break down the decorating plan to make it easier.

●      Set up the budget

First comes the budget. Eco-friendly products tend to be pricey, frumpy, and hard to find. The estimated amount of your budget will determine the extent of your kitchen’s decoration.

Also, it will allow you to design the kitchen according to affordability. So, settling the budget is a must before everything else.

●      Take a look at your kitchen 

As you are set with a good budget, now it is time to focus on the planning. Start thinking about where you need to pay attention to turn your kitchen eco-friendly.

Let’s make this task easier by separating the following parts-

  • Floor
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Windows
  • Walls

Consider these as main parts for building the eco-friendly kitchen and are worth modifying.  

Now I am going to discuss these components in short so that you can focus on them to turn your kitchen greenery.

a) Replace Floor

It is a great idea to replace the kitchen floor with eco-friendly bamboo flooring.  It can withstand slight temperature, moisture, and humidity fluctuations. For this, bamboo is an ideal flooring material for a kitchen.

It also looks amazing and is perfect for an eco-friendly kitchen. The color is also customizable among a variety of colors and styles. Mainly three types of bamboo flooring are popular now.

Those are: 

  1. Stranded bamboo is produced by shredding bamboo stalks into small pieces, then compressing them into sheets, then cutting them into planks for use in construction.
  1. Horizontal bamboo flooring is produced by cutting the strands into thin strips, which are then glued together to form planks.
  1. Engineered bamboo flooring is strand woven bamboo on top of the plywood to provide both strength and stability.

b) Install Countertops

A countertop made of Granite, Quartz, Marble, and Engineered Stone are great options for lasting long. They suit almost any type of kitchen, even with eco-friendly ones.

However, you can choose to use bamboo countertops as well. They are becoming popular these days because they are easily renewable. In addition, bamboo properties are similar to wood, making it an excellent material for countertops.

c) Fix the Cabinets

Bamboo cabinets are a very good idea for the kitchen. Your kitchen will also look elegant. Plus, you will also get a sturdy, low-maintenance item.

Bamboo kitchen cabinets allow holding a natural warm or neutral hue that helps the environment be fresh and natural.  

Among the many different styles, colors, and finishes;  Blonde and honey shades are commonly seen in bamboo kitchen cabinets.     

d) Allow natural light

The kitchen tends to be the messiest place. Therefore, to ensure hygiene and a cleaner look, allow sufficient natural light.

Therefore, your kitchen needs to have sustainable window treatments. Choosing eco-friendly material will allow light as well as natural ambient.

Wood and bamboo are the best material to make windows, blinds, or shades. Make kitchen windows wide enough to permeate natural daylight.

e) Use organic wall color

Wall color plays an important role and is also responsible for the environment. Therefore, you should choose an organic color as those are safe to use.

Organic color doesn’t contain toxic elements such as sulfates, ammonia, or resorcinol, which are detrimental to health.

You can choose any organic color with your choice, such as Clare Paint, ECOS Paint, etc. These are good options.

f) Use energy-saving appliance

Using energy has an important impact on the environment as well as our wallets. But, unfortunately, whenever energy is used, the atmosphere becomes warmer and more polluted.

However, we can avoid this pollution simply and effectively- using less energy to maintain an eco-friendly environment. That will save money too.

For example, you can use energy-saving bulbs instead of 60w bulbs. These bulbs consume less energy to create the same amount of light. 

Why Choose Bamboo Over Other Materials?

bamboo fence

There are a lot of other natural materials that are used for decoration. (e.g., wood, jute). However, bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials for innovative kitchen decoration.

But what are the great things about bamboo, unlike even any hardwood trees? Let’s know them.

  • Bamboo is a strong, durable, and sustainable material for furniture, cabinets, and flooring.
  • It is antibacterial & anti-fungal.
  • Bamboo is the best option to reduce felling trees and helps to minimize the life-threatening environmental risk.
  • Bamboo is truly the most versatile material of nature. Tons of furniture items and accessories are made from this.
  • Interior design with bamboo items offers a modern and unique view.
  • Bamboo also is suitable at different temperatures and humidity levels.

How to Reduce Single-use Plastics?

stop use plastic

Plastic is the biggest threat to the environment. Specifically, single-use plastic items are simply an environmental nightmare. If you want an eco-friendly environment, single-use plastic items should not only be prohibited in the kitchen but everywhere.

  • Try to avoid straws, water bottles, plastic coffee cups, plastic bags. 
  • Find out the alternative items to avoid those.
  • Have a look at the bin. See what plastic items get thrown away over the next few days. And try to avoid using those items.

The worst reality is -it is not an easy task to avoid plastic. But keep trying to create a habit to avoid plastic usage in daily life. Once you can develop a conscious mind against plastic items, you will be able to get rid of plastic.

How to Replace Kitchen Tools With Sustainable Items?

If you can manage to replace the essential kitchen tools with eco-friendly kitchen products, it will be a positive move. A lot of utensils are made of bamboo nowadays and are available in the market. You can easily get those items.

Here is a list of some of those useful items-

a) Cutting board: Use bamboo or wooden cutting board instead of plastic. This cutting board will glow and match perfectly in your eco-friendly kitchen. 

b) Cutlery set: Bamboo cutlery sets are now popular for their unique outlook. It looks simple but offers an aesthetic vista.

c) Utensils set:  Bamboo utensils are also the best choice for an eco-friendly kitchen.

d) Dinnerware: Dinnerware made of bamboo or wood is also available these days. This dinnerware is great for its durability and offers a different outlook.

e) Storage jar: Use storage jars that are made of glass.

Make Reusing and Recycling a Priority

Go for effective recyclable waste management systems to reduce waste in the kitchen. You can do the following things to reduce the waste in your kitchen for a better eco-friendly kitchen. 

  • Reduce packaging: Reduce packaging items. Instead of them, use glass-made food containers and beeswax paper. 
  • Reusable bags: Avoid one-time-use plastic bags. Go for reusable packs made of jute or other natural material. Use washable, reusable water bottles, cardboard boxes, egg cartons.
  • Use metal straws: Stop using plastic straws. And invest in reusable metal straws.  

Go for a Little Extra For a Soothing Kitchen

You can make your kitchen complete by doing a few simple things. You’ll need to go a little extra to do this properly because you deserve something more after finishing an enthusiastic decoration project.

Here are a couple of tips that can make your kitchen eco-friendly and soothing as well.

●      Décor With More Greenery

A few indoor plants can beautify your kitchen and improve its indoor air quality. Finally, you should focus on decor with more greenery items. That may let your kitchen turn into a little piece of heaven.

For a perfect decoration in an eco-friendly friendly manner, you can go green in your kitchen. The following indoor plants are great for improving air quality and offering an eye-soothing view.   

  • Prayer Plant
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Philodendron
  • Snake Plant
  • ZZ Plant
  • Spider Plant

You will find most of these plants in the nearest gardening stores. Among them, pick out a few you like.   

●      Use Eco-friendly Diffusers


If your kitchen offers an eco-friendly view along with natural fragrances, then how is it? That will be great to generate a perfect mood! There are a lot of diffusers that spread fragrances over a large area.

But some of them contain toxic ingredients and chemicals. Instead of using them, use natural and eco-friendly diffusers, such as essential oil. Natural ingredients are a great source of therapeutic solutions.


Hopefully, now you have a great eco-friendly kitchen idea. You can proceed towards a sustainable kitchen renovation. Try to apply all the aforementioned tips according to your affordability. Once you are done with it, you’ll be a citizen of nature and start having real fun.